Johann Sebastian Bach, The Bach Choir, The Jacques Orchestra, Reginald Jacques, Kathleen Ferrier, Eric Greene (2), Elsie Suddaby, William Parsons ‎– St. Matthew Passion

Decca ‎– d42d 3
3 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Mono


a1 Part I: Chorus: Come ye daughters (Chorus) 10:11
a2 Part I: Recitative: When Jesus had finished (Jesus, Evangelist) 0:46
a3 Part I: Chorus: O blessed Jesu (Chorus) 01:00
a4 Part I: Recitative: Then assembled together (Evangelist) 0:28
a5 Part I: Chorus: Not upon the feast (Chorus) 0:14
a6 Part I: Recitative: Now when Jesus was in Bethany (Evangelist) 0:37
a7 Part I: Chorus: To what purpose is this waste (Chorus) 0:37
a8 Part I: Recitative: When Jesus understood it (Jesus, Evangelist) 1:33
a9 Part I: Recitative: My Master and my Lord (Contralto) 1:13
a10 Part I: Aria: Grief for sin (Contralto) 3:35
a11 Part I: Aria: Break in grief (Soprano) 4:05
a12 Part I: Recitative: Now the first day (Chorus, Evangelist) 0:12
a13 Part I: Chorus: Where, where (Chorus) 0:25
a14 Part I: Recitative: And He said, go (Chorus, Jesus, Evangelist) 1:42
a15 Part I: Chorus: 'Tis I whose sin doth bind Thee (Chorus) 0:58
a16 Part I: Recitative: And He answered (Judas, Jesus, Evangelist) 3:19
b1 Part I: Recitative: Although our eyes with tears (Soprano) 1:33
b2 Part I: Aria: Jesus, Saviour (Soprano) 4:01
b3 Part I: Recitative: And after they had sung (Jesus, Evangelist) 0:53
b4 Part I: Recitative: Peter answered and said (Peter, Jesus, Evangelist) 0:57
b5 Part I: Chorus: Here would I stand beside Thee (Chorus) 1:07
b6 Part I: Recitative: Then cometh Jesus (Evangelist, Jesus) 1:42
b7 Part I: Chorus: O grief (Chorus, Tenor) 3:00
b8 Part I: Aria: I would beside my Lord (Tenor, Chorus) 4:03
b9 Part I: Recitative: And He went a little farther (Jesus, Evangelist) 0:52
b10 Part I: Recitative: The Saviour, low before His Father (Bass) 1:14
b11 Part I: Aria: Gladly would I take (Bass) 2:03
b12 Part I: Recitative: And He cometh (Jesus, Evangelist) 1:07
b13 Part I: Chorus: O Father let Thy will be done (Chorus) 1:19
b14 Part I: Recitative: Then cometh He (Judas, Jesus, Evangelist) 2:00


Sung in English.
Revised by Elgar and Aitkins; Translated by Troutbeck and Johnson.
Remastered from 1948 78s.

I have only entered 1/3rd of the tracks as the site crashed and wouldn't let me save the rest. needless to say, i won't be doing it again!