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July 8, 2011
edited over 9 years ago
referencing Die Offenbarung, 12", RP, UT06
A: Proper Hard as nails German techno. As uncompromising as anything i have bought. You'd certainly want the crowd with you to drop this with the relentless piercing sirens towards the end where the base drops. Bass drum is a bit unfocused (dated?) by modern production standards. [Score Eight]

B: Brilliant layered techno. No let up in the assaults of bleeps, crashing machines and brooding sub base. Only mark against is that it could probably have been condensed into ten mins or so but that is unlikely to bother you if you're a fan of Johannes Heil in general. [Score NINE]


March 28, 2011
referencing Die Offenbarung, 12", RP, UT06

Let me be clear: not a living soul, a living dead, a dead living or anything in between has anything on Die Offenbarung A1. If you think you know where europeans got their hard techno credentials from, you were wrong. If you thought hearing an individual grating their teeth in rage or anger was the most harsh grinding or rasping sound made through friction, wrong again.
Mr. Heil, if once, causes irritation and annoyance persistently for more than seven minutes by dropping an enclosed sound barrier, framework if you will, of rusty metal bard closing in on your brain and not permitting air to penetrate inside.
There is a hysteric sequence, unlike any other in the history of techno, with the sole aim to reduce to fragments, shreds, and powder by rubbing its corrosion against the abrasive surface and perforating, despotic percussion.
The whole track is an undecipherable structure or object that impedes free movement, forcing everyone to just helplessly stare until they get pulverized. Try to envision something Between Surgeon's Badger Bite, Speedy J's Pannik, Umek's Lanicor and Chris Liebing's The Real Schranz Part 1 A1, and if you can, then this is a step above.

A2 is a wonderful, ticking minimal acid tech work out, with a nervous acid line building through its entire thirteen minutes, and while it's not as potent as the previous tracks (God almighty, what is?), it is a totally psychotic ride which more than justifies its presence here. It actually never quite gets anywhere in particular, but a part of its charm is that it keeps you on the edge of the seat for what may seem like eternity, bugging the hell out of your brain, and then, it's gone...
Bottom line: if you ever in your life read the terms 'hard' + 'techno' in the same sentence, then you're due a listen or two here. Not the best, not the most known, not the most sophisticated, but unquestionably one of the most purely extreme, true to form techno bangers ever recorded. Ear irritation guaranteed. Blood on the dance floor is mandatory. Steven Seagal running off in a pink skirt. Elton John going straight. Oasis making a collaboration with Britney Spears. Notorious B.I.G. laying off hamburgers. Man, whatever, if you want to let your crowd know that they're a bunch feeble useless wimps, then the A side is what you need in your case. Ah, forget it, you need it regardless!


April 13, 2010
referencing Die Offenbarung, 12", RP, UT06
Funny review Mahlesseh -- but yeah, this track destroys all living things in a 25 mile radius. Pretty sure Heil made this track to do exactly that! Noise death core techno!

I have thrown this right into the middle of a set and if people are gettin down to the more brutal techno it works the biz. Right around the 2:00 mark, right before the loopy siren sound. Then shit just breaks down! This is also a great floor-emptier! I did this once at a party where every DJ was allowed to play one record. Well, several guys in front of me played more than their share, so BAM, I threw this down, cleared the whole pace out, hahaaa!

My fave bit is right around 5:30 when that really high pitched metallic part drops. Also great fade in around 8.5 minutes (handy to have the video here).


February 10, 2009
referencing Die Offenbarung, 12", RP, UT06
Quite possible the best release from Johannes Heil for me. Crazy breaks! A crazy floor destroyer seldomly seen. Side A is the track for me, does the job everytime. Always good for a grand finally! You realy see people transform into some sort of animal on the dancefloor. Crazy crazy stuff! Side b is nice aswell, though less dancefloor orientated. I would not drop it on a gig. certainly 5/5 for me this one. I don't know how to get to my 75 words. Maybe like this, just typing some random words that make up a whole line. Who cares, just want to get there. 75 words is crazy!