John Dowland - Consort Of Musicke*, Anthony Rooley ‎– Bookes Of Songs (1597 • 1600 • 1603)

Decca ‎– 6.35484 HD
6 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Box Set


First Booke Of Songs, 1597
A1 I. Unquiet Thoughts
A2 II. Whoever Thinks Or Hopes
A3 III. My Thoughts Are Wing'd With Hopes
A4 IV. If My Complaints
A5 V. Can She Excuse My Wrongs
A6 VI. Now, O Now I Needs Must Part
B1 VII. Dear, If You Change
B2 VIII. Burst Forth My Tears
B3 IX. Go Crystal Tears
B4 X. Think'st Thou Then
B5 XI. Come Away, Come Sweet Love
B6 XII. Rest Awhile You Cruel Cares
C1 XIII. Sleep Wayward Thoughts
C2 XIV. All Ye Whom Love Or Fortune
C3 XV. Wilt Thou Unkind
C4 XVI. Would My Conceit
D1 XVII. Come Again
D2 XVIII. His Golden Locks
D3 XIX. Awake, Sweet Love
D4 XX. Come Heavy Sleep
D5 XXI. Away With These Self-Loving Lads
Second Booke Of Songs, 1600
E1 I. I Saw My Lady Weep
E2 II. Flow My Tears
E3 III. Sorrow, Stay
E4 IV. Die Not Before Thy Day
E5 V. Mourn, Mourn, Day Is With Darkness Fled
F1 VI. Time's Eldest Son, Old Age
F2 VII. Then Sit Thee Down And Say
F3 VIII. When Others Sing Venite
F4 IX. Praise Blindness Eyes
F5 X. O Sweet Woods
F6 XI. If Floods Of Tears
G1 XII. Five Knacks For Ladies
G2 XIII. Now Cease My Wand'ring Eyes
G3 XIV. Come Ye Heavy States Of Night
G4 XV. White As Lilies Was Her Face
G5 XVI. Woeful Heart
H1 XVII. A Shepherd In A Shade
H2 XVIII. Faction That Ever Dwells
H3 XIX. Shall I Sue
H4 XX. Toss Not My Soul
H5 XXI. Clear Or Cloudy
H6 XXII. Humor Say What Mak'st Thou There
Third Booke Of Songs, 1603
I1 I. Farewell Too Fair
I2 II. Time Stands Still
I3 III. Behold A Wonder Here
I4 IV. Daphne Was Not So Chaste
I5 V. Me, Me And None But Me
I6 VI. When Phoebus First Did Daphne Love
J1 VII. Say, Love, If Ever Thou Didst Find
J2 VIII. Flow Not So Fast, Ye Fountains
J3 IX. What If I Never Speed?
J4 X. Love Stood Amazed
K1 XI. Lend Your Ears To My Sorrow
K2 XII. By A Fountain Where I Lay
K3 XIII. O What Hath Overwrought?
K4 XIV. Farewell, Unkind!
K5 XV. Weep You No More, Sad Fountains
L1 XVI. Fie On This Feigning
L2 XVII. I Must Complain
L3 XVIII. It Was A Time When Silly Bees
L4 XIX. The Lowest Trees Have Tops
L5 XX. What Poor Astronomers Are They
L6 XXI. Come When I Call



Includes insert for each volume.
Track D3 is misspelled as "XIX. Awake, Sweet Sleep" on the center label.

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  • Label Code: LC 0171
  • Other (Cat# LP1): 6.35 484-1
  • Other (Cat# LP2): 6.35 484-2
  • Other (Cat# LP3): 6.35 484-3
  • Other (Cat# LP4): 6.35 484-4
  • Other (Cat# LP5): 6.35 484-5
  • Other (Cat# LP6): 6.35 484-6


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December 14, 2016
edited about 1 year ago

Great interpretation and a very good sound quality. Decca recordings of the 70ies are quite amazing!