John Lennon ‎– The Plastic Ono Box

Box Set, Limited Edition, Unofficial Release
9 × Vinyl, LP, White


Something Precious And Rare
A1 Steel And Glass
A2 Going Down On Love
A3 Move Over Ms. L
A4 Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox)
A5 Beef Jerky
B1 Scared
B2 Old Dirt Road
B3 Bless You
B4 Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
B5 Nobody Loves You (When You're Down And Out)
Willowbrook Rehearsals
C1 New York City
C2 Unchained Melody
C3 Instrumental
C4 New York City
D1 It's So Hard
D2 Woman Is The Nigger Of The World
D3 Give Peace A Chance
D4 Instrumental
E1 Unchained Melody
E2 Well Well Well
E3 Instant Karma
E4 Mother
E5 Come Together
F1 Cold Turkey
F2 Instrumental
F3 Instrumental
F4 Roll Over Beethoven
F5 Give Peace A Chance
Before Play August 1980
G1 She's A Woman
G2 C'mon Everybody
G3 Starting Over
G4 She's A Woman
G5 Rip It Up
G6 I'm A Man
G7 Be Bop A Lula
G8 I'm Losing You
G9 Dialog/12 Bar Blues
H1 Dialog/Cursing/Tuning
H2 I'm Losing You
H3 Dream Lover / Stay
H4 She's A Woman
H5 Train I Ride
H6 Dialog
You Shoulda Been There - The Rock N Roll Sessions
I1 Ain't That A Shame
I2 That'll Be The Day
I3 Be-Bop-A-Lula
I4 Ya Ya
I5 Do You Want To Dance
I6 Stand By Me
I7 Slippin' And Slidin'
J1 Bring It On Home To Me / Send Me Some Lovin'
J2 Peggy Sue
J3 Ain't That A Shame
J4 Bring It On Home To Me / Send Me Some Lovin'
J5 Ya Ya
J6 That'll Be The Day
K1 Do You Want To Dance
K2 Stand By Me
K3 Peggy Sue
K4 Be-Bop-A-Lula
K5 Slippin' And Slidin'
K6 Guitar Jam
K7 Thirty Days
K8 Bo Diddley Jam
K9 Ain't That A Shame
L1 Be My Baby
L2 Angel Baby
L3 Just Because
L4 Be My Baby
Off The Walls
M1 Bless You
M2 Move Over Ms. L
M3 Scared
M4 Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paridox)
M5 Whatever Gets You Through The Night
M6 Going Down On Love
N1 Nobody Loves You (When You're Down And Out)
N2 What You Got
N3 Old Dirt Road
N4 Steel And Glass
Telecasts/Johnny Moondog
O1 John Sinclair
O2 It's So Hard
O3 The Luck Of The Irish
O4 Sisters Oh Sisters
O5 We All Woke Up
O6 Woman Is The Nigger Of The World
P1 Attica State
P2 Sakura
P3 Memphis
P4 Johnny B. Goode
P5 Imagine
Q1 Goodnight Vienna Outtake
Q2 Imagine
Q3 Serve Yourself
Q4 Mucho Mungo
Q5 Ya Ya
Q6 I Sat Below Me / Frank Cummings
R1 God Save Us
R2 "Theme From Rape"
R3 Radio Israel
R4 Yer Blues
R5 That'll Be The Day
R6 Do The Oz


Limited to 200 copies