John Young ‎– Found In Tokyo

Lancashire And Somerset ‎– L&S027
Vinyl, LP


1 Lush 03:09
2 Lullaby For Those Too Old To Need One 03:42
3 In Public 09:24
4 Devocoder 00:24
5 Hunting Nixons Tigers 07:13
6 Larval 01:03
7 Ten 05:32
8 Audiocaria Aura 06:18
9 This Is My Church 06:36
10 Sophuslie 02:50
11 Big Glenn 05:00
12 Ringshifter 06:20
13 Mender 03:52
14 Duchamp's Dictionary 03:36
15 Guilty 04:20
16 Hexapod 06:20
17 Far To Go 04:58
18 Sustainer 09:28
19 Tokyo Psychoses 03:31


Beautifully packaged with John Youngs original artwork ! And here it is 19 tracks over a double LP and a single sided 7” ltd to 250 copies with digital download which you get straight away as a download when you pre-order! Please listen, buy and own via the link below - all money goes to the amazing charity Cancer Research UK.

John was fond of Tokyo and visited many times. He produced the original iteration of his album Found in Tokyo using a diverse range of recordings. These were made during his wanderings around the city and compiled from disparate sources; the ephemeral hubbub of Tokyo street noise, rides on the subway, and the weird and wonderful Japanese advertisements he encountered.

On his return to the UK, John mixed these audio samples to create Found in Tokyo. This is the only album we know John was happy with, or that he considered complete, as he returned to Japan to distribute it in John’s typically low-key DIY / punk / chaos theory fashion. The sealed recordings, with artwork by John, were handed out to musicians, left at Tokyo gig venues for people to pick up at random, and stuck to walls outdoors for strangers to discover.

John had spoken with Lancashire and Somerset record label about releasing one of his albums. A labour of love for all concerned, the brand new 12” double vinyl version of Found in Tokyo and the 7” vinyl featuring the Tokyo Psychoses soundtrack incorporate John’s original cover designs, becoming as much about the creative process, craft and possibilities of creation as the soundscapes themselves; reflecting John’s experimental working methods and exacting attention to detail.

Edition of 200