Jon Rose & Hollis Taylor ‎– Great Fences Of Australia

Dynamo House ‎– none
CD, Album, Limited Edition


1 First Grid At The Dog Fence, Nullarbor, 4/3/02 1:40
2 Perimeter Fence Of Communications Site, Alice Springs, 18/3/02 7:02
3 Hits And Rumble, No 3, Rabbit Proof Fence? Meekatharra, 12/3/02 1:54
4 Electric Fence, Lake Grace, 7/3/02 1:55
5 NO. 2 Rabbit Proof Fence, Cunderdin, 7/3/02 2:53
6 Trumpet Fence, Wubin, 8/3/02 1:30
7 Rattle Fence, Fitzroy Crossing, 14/3/02 1:07
8 Wogarno Fence, Worgarno Station, 10/3/02 2:37
9 Windmill And Fence 1, Penong, 3/3/02 1:50
10 No. 1 Rabbit Proof Fence, Starvation Bay, 6/3/02 2:15
11 Windmill And Fence 2, Mount Isa, 22/3/02 1:44
12 Ring Modulator Fence, No. 1 Rabbit Proof Fence At Nardeen, 9/3/02 2:09
13 David's Fence, Wogarno Station, 11/3/02 4:10
14 Dog Fence, Nullarbor, 4/3/02 3:38
15 Tubular Fence, Deception Bay, 28/3/02 1:13
16 Picket Fence, In A Quiet Brisbane Suburb, 4/4/02 1:44
17 Plastic Fence, Byron Bay, 12/4/02 1:45
18 Forest Fence, Eungai Creek, 13/4/02 4:24
19 Big Insect Fence, Taree, 13/4/02 2:14
20 Missing Fence Posts Fence, Winton, 23/3/02 1:35
21 Promenade Fence, Kirra Beach, 11/4/02 2:33
22 End Of Dog Fence? Black Earth Country, Jandiwae, 27/3/02 1:32
23 Fence Workers At Play, Hay Plains, 26/2/02 1:09
24 The Melba Fence, Victorian Arts Centre, 19/10/02 8:53
25 Last Grid At Dog Fence, Tambo, 25/3/02 0:33


Many people look at fences and see not much; Jon Rose and Hollis Taylor look and see giant musical string instruments covering a continent. The strings are so long that they become the resonators as well as the triggers for the sound. On straight stretches of a simple five-wire fence, the sound travels down the wires for hundreds of meters. The music is ethereal and elemental, incorporating an extended harmonic series (the structure of all sound); the longer the wire, the more harmonics become available. The rhythms of violin bows and drum sticks uncover a fundamental sonic world. The fence music encapsulates the vastness of the place. Music of distance, boundaries and borders. This, however, is not the songlines, or even the white fella's ironic version of it, but the unexpected and elegiac music of the Australian landscape 'sounding' it's recent history.

All the tracks were recorded on location in Australia using a combination of transducers and mini-microphones usually placed within the holes of the fence posts. The recordings were edited and mixed in Paris June 2002 (post production has been kept to a minimum, the exception being track 16 which utilizes some simple sampling techniques). A total of 64 concerts were performed on the Melba Fence which was specially constructed for The Bowing Fences installation at The Melbourne Festival; otherwise all the fences were played as found objects in their original condition.

CD packaged with barbed wire.