Josh Ritter ‎– Daytrotter Session

Daytrotter ‎– none
7 × File, MP3, 128 kbps


1 Welcome To Daytrotter 0:19
2 Another New World 5:22
3 Best For The Best 3:44
4 You've Got The Moon 3:19
5 Moon River 2:45
6 The Temptation Of Adam 3:45
7 The Curse 4:20



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Notes on the tracks:
Track 2: Original version appears on So Runs The World Away - I wasn't looking for it to happen this way, but a great deal of "So Runs the World Away" focuses on the act of exploration. It's a solitary, often quixotic enterprise and its reward, discovery, is usually double-edged. I'm very proud of this song.
Track 3: Original version appears on The Animal Years - Life on the Mississippi is one of the most ruminative, graceful books I've ever read. I like to imagine a monarch somewhere reading Twain's book and imagining what it would be like to live on the river. If he did, this song is what I hope he'd visualize.
Track 4: Original version appears on Golden Age Of Radio - Nick Drake was apparently an incredible long distance runner. I've always liked that about him.
Track 5: Unreleased - Like "Best for the Best," "Moon River" is a love song to a river. It could be Huck and Jim or it could be Homecoming Weekend, but either way, the mood is bittersweet. This song has been caught beneath a mountain of cheese, but if you can look beneath there is a gorgeous number in there.
Track 6: Original version appears on The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter - This song is about two lovers in a missile silo. I wanted to write a song that proved that the story of the Garden of Eden didn't need God in it to remain an important, relevant story.
Track 7: Original version appears on So Runs The World Away - "So Runs The World Away" started coming together as an album when I wrote this one. I read once that the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids in imitation of the rays of the sun. I like that a lot.