Judi Dench & Michael Williams (8) ‎– With Great Pleasure

BBC Audio ‎– ISBN: 978 1408 467121
2 × CD, Album

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With Great Pleasure, 26th December 1991
1-1a Introduction -
1-1b The Ruba'iyat Of Omar Khayyam
Written-By – Omar Khayyam
1-1c The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
Written-By – Coleridge*
1-2 Fern Hill
Written-By – Dylan Thomas
1-3 Young Gemini
Written-By – Alec McCowen
1-4 Just In Case
Written-By – Charlotte Mitchell
1-5 The Sallementro
Written-By – Anonymous
1-6 Snake
Written-By – D. H. Lawrence
1-7 Funeral Song
Written-By – W. H. Auden
1-8a The Icingbus
Written-By – Roger McGough
1-8b Fireguard
Written-By – Roger McGough
1-9 Shall I Compare Thee
Written-By – William Shakespeare
1-10 Death Of An Actress
Written-By – Louis MacNeice
1-11 Extract From 'The Lady In The Van'
Written-By – Alan Bennett
1-12 Spring Offensive
Written-By – Wilfred Owen
1-13 Extract From 'Antony And Cleopatra'
Written-By – William Shakespeare
1-14 Extract From 'Henry V'
Written-By – William Shakespeare
1-15 When In Disgrace With Fortune
Written-By – William Shakespeare
1-16 Grimaldi's Farewell
Written-By – Richard Findlater
1-17 God's Grandeur
Written-By – Gerard Manley Hopkins
Fond And Familiar, 25 December 1996
1-18 Introduction
1-19a Extract From 'The Day Is Done'
Written-By – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
1-19b Solitude
Written-By – Ella Wheeler Wilcox
1-20 Four Epitaphs
1-21a Quiet Home
Written-By – Hilaire Belloc
1-21b In This World Of Froth And Bubble
Written-By – Adam L. Gordon
2-1 Two Women
Written-By – George R. Sims
2-2 Three More Epitaphs
2-3 Lasca
Written-By – Frank Desprez
2-4 Four More Epitaphs
2-5 The Green Eye Of The Little Yellow God
Written-By – J. Milton Hayes
2-6 Parodies Of 'The Green Eye Of The Little Yellow God'
Written-By – Billy Bennett, Cicely Courtneidge
2-7 Three Traditional Nursery Rhyme Parodies
2-8 Traditional Folk Song 'Clementine'
Three Universal Legends
2-9a A Man Was Sitting Alone By His Fireside ...
2-9b Early One Morning, A Certain Merchant ...
Written-By – Somerset Maugham*
2-9c The Lady, Or The Tiger?
Written-By – Frank R. Stockton
2-10 Folksong: Version Of 'The Pig Got Up And Slowly Walked Away'
2-11 Twelve Limericks
2-12 Six Epitaphs
2-13 Song: 'The Other Day I Did Call On Miss Brown ...'
2-14 Poem By A Housemaid 'Oh Moon, When I Look On Thy Beautiful Face ...'
Traditional Rhymes/Songs
2-15a What Is A Bastard, Daddy?
2-15b Your Biby 'as Gone Dahn The Plug'ole
2-15c Around The Corner, And Under The Tree ...
2-15d If You Haven't Been The Lover Of The Landlady's Daughter ...
2-15e There Was A Bleedin' Sparrer
2-16 Mandalay
Written-By – Rudyard Kipling
2-17 Seven Anonymous Animal Verses
2-18 Billy's Rose
Written-By – George R. Sims
Six Rhymes
2-19a The Man Who Wasn't There
Written-By – Hughes Mearns
2-19b One Night I Met When Stepping Out ...
Written-By – Anon.*
2-19c The Lady With Technique
Written-By – Hughes Mearns
2-19d A Wise Old Owl Sat On An Oak
Written-By – Anon.*
2-19e Solomon Grundy
Written-By – Anon.*
2-19f My Mother Said That I Never Should
Written-By – Anon.*
2-20 Vaudeville Song: Back Answers
Written-By – Robb Wilton
2-21 This Is The Key Of The Kingdom
Written-By – Walter De La Mare
2-22 Extract From 'The Day Is Done'
Written-By – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
2-23 Extract From 'The Barrel-Organ'
Written-By – Alfred Noyes
2-24 A Perfect Day
Written-By – Carrie Jacobs-Bond
2-25 Playout: Be Kind To Your Web-Footed Friends

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