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7AM Ambient 40:36
1-01 Reload (7AM Remix)
Featuring – Dave Gahan
1-02 Talk Tonight 3:29
1-03 Streets 4:14
1-04 Twilight 5:08
1-05 Rivers
Featuring – Shelley Harland
1-06 Tommy Dub 2:52
1-07 Sphere 2:53
1-08 All I Want 4:49
1-09 Mogwai
Featuring – Paul Malone
7AM Dance 71:16
2-01 Tennis 5:00
2-02 Electro 4:50
2-03 Angels (7AM Surreal)
Featuring – Gary Numan
2-04 Techno Ibiza 8:52
2-05 Drubba Drub 4:21
2-06 Destiny 8:06
2-07 Egypt 9:22
2-08 Heat 8:14
2-09 Groovy 7:32
2-10 See The Light? 7:40


This MP3 album was originally available for download from www.RadioJXL.com for $6.99 for both 7am Ambient and 7am Dance. You could choose between two formats: 128 kbps Windows Media (100 MB) or 192 kbps MP3 (150 MB).

It was then made available at Dance51.com, but only in MP3 format. Dance51.com has since gone out of business. Therefore, this release is no longer available.



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July 27, 2003

If only words could describe how good this album is!.. It sounds like a million dollars!!! And you have to pay only $5 for it! It's a bargain of the century! I wish it was released on CD.

This album consists of tracks that didn't make it to the officially released "Radio JXL" album.
<b>Reload (7AM Remix)</b> - A very chilled remix of the track, very melodic. "Into your mind", Dave Gahan sings. That's exactly what this track does - it goes into your mind and stays there. An excellent track to start the downtempo album.
<b>Talk Tonight</b> - This one's for the fans of Groove Armada, Morcheeba and Zero 7 - it's a great trip-hop track with a great melody! Very catchy.
<b>Streets</b> - My favourite track from 7AM Ambient. I just can't describe how beautiful the track is... It's just like love - you must feel it to know how good it is.
<b>Twilight</b> - A very dark ambient jungle-esque track. Probably, the fastest track on the 7AM Ambient album.
<b>Rivers</b> - It's is actually the remix of the old Junkie XL track "Next Plateau" - it has the same beats and bits. But the vocals by Shelley Harland make this song three times better.
<b>Tommy Dub</b> - I really love this one. I didn't know Junkie XL can produce dub tracks, but this one has proved that Tom Holkenborg knows how to produce ANY style of music and that his production skills are unbelievably great.
<b>Sphere</b> - Very deep and dark ambient track. With its weird sounds, it will take you to great distances the man has never seen before.
<b>All I Want</b> - Beautiful downtempo intermezzo.
<b>Mogwai</b> - It's a house track, very chilled house though. It reminds me of some Sasha tracks, really. But I really love the Paul Malone vocals here.

<b>Tennis</b> - It is the track from the japanese edition of "Radio JXL". Shame it wasn't released on UK 2CDs set. It'd be the best track on 3PM. My second favourite track off 7AM Dance.
<b>Electro</b> - This one doesn't do much for me... It's a good house track, but nothing special.
<b>Angels</b> - I find Gary Numan's voice a bit annoying, but this version of "Angels" is actually better than the version on 3PM. It sounds less radio-friendly.
<b>Techno Ibiza</b> - Woohoo!!! This track is da ace, man! It's the best house track I've heard in a while. I hope it will be released on vinyl, it's the guaranteed dancefloor killer! My favourite track off 7AM Dance. Extremely catchy track!
<b>Drubba Drub</b> - Great continuation for "Techno Ibiza". But this track is far less catchy.
<b>Destiny</b> - Can't really say anything about this track, but the vocals in the middle of it are really good!
<b>Egypt</b> - I love this one! It's a very positive dance track, it has cool vocals, dunno whether this is egyptian language though... It's a good example of how vocals can be the most important part of the track.
<b>Heat</b> - Some time ago, there were rumours about "Red/Heat" 12", but it was never released. "Red" is available on 3AM and Heat is now available here, on 7AM Dance. It's a very deep track. Don't know why Tom has decided not to release it on vinyl. It's really good.
<b>Groovy</b> - The track is exactly what the title says - GROOVEE! The track contains the piano sample, which I really like.
<b>See The Light?</b> - In the beginning, there's nothing really exciting about this track, but in the end it becomes so beautiful... I love the melody!

Overall, it's an <b>EXTREMELY AMAZING</b> album. I think it's even better than 3AM/3PM. I recommend it to everyone!