KROPN ‎– VHS N64 + Super Signalwave CD

2 × Cassette, Album, Enhanced, Limited Edition, Numbered, Reissue


1A Masters of VHS 4:09
1B A Zenith Was Born 0:31
1C A Few Moments of Quiet Reflective Thought 4:54
1D The Joy of Paint Super Famicom 4:58
1E Smile 0:10
1F Mister Rogers' Weatherband Radio 1:41
1G Hatha Yoga 1:34
1H Please Hold Your Call is Important to Us 2:16
1I Analog Transmission 0:46
1J Sign-Off 2:04
2A Ghostbusters 2HR 10M 1:32
2B Public Broadcasting Service Thanks You 1:02
2C Her Alibi 1:31
2D PS2 2:11
2E On the Disney Channel 0:31
2F Winds in the Desert 1:37
2G SEGA 2:01
2H Ultimate Fantasy Adventure 1:26
2I Soft Rock 1:48
2J CBS Evening News 3:25
2K Sixteen Candles 3:08
1A Super 55 04:16
1B Desire Now 00:44
1C Premium Channel 04:03
1D Super Weather Namaste 04:45
1E 1990 02:34
1F Garfield and Associates 00:28
1G American Drama TV 02:36
1H Meditations 02:38
1I Northern Telecom (end ver.) 0:00
2A Spaceways Incorporated 01:32
2B Leap Into the Future 02:49
2C It's Morning Again in America 13:23
2D 40th President 01:45
2E Lost at Sea 0:00


Limited edition of 25 x 2 black C47s with full colour labels in clear/black dual Norelco case. Two 4-panel full colour j-cards, signed and numbered. RCA and Paragon VHS spines.

This dual cassette version is essentially 4th edition VHS N64 and 3rd edition Super Signalwave CD tapes with bonus tracks: 1I - Northern Telecom (end ver.) and 2E - Lost at Sea, not listed on the previous two editions.