KZ9 / Splattered Nachos ‎– Grindy Granny's Grammophone Greaties

Vomit Bucket Productions ‎– VBP 030
CDr, Limited Edition

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1 KZ9 Should The Experienced Feminist Tone The Criminal? 0:25
2 KZ9 A Lady Witches A Dominated Feat Opposite The Researcher. 0:20
3 KZ9 The Taste Moans Past A Memorable Scene. 0:46
4 KZ9 A Grandmother Lies Around The Sand. 0:17
5 KZ9 Why Won't The Restaurant Fast Near The Standardized Muscle? 0:47
6 KZ9 On Top Of Whatever Swallow Tears The Demolished Theorem. 0:28
7 KZ9 The Shame Faces A Craft Underneath A Marital Model. 0:33
8 KZ9 A Restrictive Shareholder Refrains Around The Designated Nature. 0:04
9 KZ9 Will A Heaven Cow The Spurious Pant? 0:10
10 KZ9 The Adult Pizza Fears The Trifle Before A Legal Mother. 0:34
11 KZ9 How Can An Incorporate Cap Spin Beside A Juvenile? 0:50
12 KZ9 Any Exponential Panel Sweeps Before The Style. 2:39
13 KZ9 Every Variance Accelerates A Beer Within The Determining Saga. 0:47
14 KZ9 On Top Of This Idle Censorship Moans The Touching Engineer. 0:33
15 KZ9 The Sponsor Orbits Outside The Pad! 0:12
16 KZ9 The Spigot Riots Before The Gold! 0:45
17 KZ9 Around The Publisher Storms The Optional Barrier. 0:12
18 KZ9 Why Can't Any Plastered Analogue Flip The Microcomputer? 0:28
19 KZ9 A Diagnosis Suggests The Squeeze Without The Twisted Sky. 0:37
20 KZ9 The Stale Chestnut Glows Beside The Anecdote. 0:44
21 KZ9 The Simplified Immortal Veins The Average Next To The Recursive Doctrine. 0:47
22 KZ9 A Muttering Criterion Swallows The Emulator Within The Just Penguin. 0:25
23 KZ9 After The Universal Advertises The Saved Interior. 0:27
24 KZ9 Outside The Departmental Insult Emerges The Engaging Signal. 0:41
25 KZ9 The Interrupted Microwave Prices The Human Under The Realized Scene. 0:28
26 Splattered Nachos Songtitles Are Gay
Drums, Vocals – JuVoGuitar, Vocals – Gag (3)
27 Splattered Nachos Seriously, They Are Gay
Drums, Vocals – Gag (3)Guitar, Vocals – JuVo



Printed on blue paper, limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.

Tracks 1-25:
Recorded at Villa Morte 9 November 2008, edited and mastered 11 and 12 November 2008.
All samples taken from "Blood For Dracula" 1974.

Tracks 26-27:
Recorded in the Vomit Bucket on August 11th 2009 on 1 track, not edited, not mastered!