Volume 1 - The Plan
Change Of The Guard 12:16
Askim 12:35
Isabelle 12:13
Final Thought 6:32
The Next Step 14:49
The Rhythm Changes 7:44
Volume 2 - The Glorious Tale
Miss Understanding 8:46
Leroy And Lanisha 9:24
Re Run 8:20
Seven Prayers 7:36
Henrietta Our Hero 7:14
The Magnificent 7 12:46
Volume 3 - The Historic Repetition
Re Run Home 14:06
Cherokee 8:14
Clair De Lune 11:08
Malcolm's Theme 8:41
The Message 11:09

Versions (9)

Cat# Artist Title (Format ) Label Cat# Country Year
BFDNL050 Kamasi Washington The Epic(17xFile, FLAC, Album) Brainfeeder BFDNL050 2015
BFDNL050 Kamasi Washington The Epic(17xFile, FLAC, Album, 24-) Brainfeeder BFDNL050 US 2015
BFDL050, none Kamasi Washington The Epic(17xFile, WAV, Album, 16-) Brainfeeder, Ninja Tune BFDL050, none US 2015
BFCD050 Kamasi Washington The Epic(3xCD, Album) Brainfeeder BFCD050 Europe 2015 Sell This Version
BRFD50 Kamasi Washington The Epic(3xCD, Album) Brainfeeder, Beat Records BRFD50 Japan 2015 Sell This Version
BFCD050 Kamasi Washington The Epic(3xCD, Album, RP) Brainfeeder BFCD050 Europe 2017 Sell This Version
BF050P Kamasi Washington The Epic(3xLP + Box, Album, Ltd, TP) Brainfeeder BF050P Europe 2015 Sell This Version
BF050 Kamasi Washington The Epic(3xLP, 180 + Box, Album) Brainfeeder BF050 USA & Europe 2015 Sell This Version
BF050 Kamasi Washington The Epic(3xLP, RE + Box, Album) Brainfeeder BF050 UK 2018 Sell This Version


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October 12, 2019
edited 3 months ago
referencing The Epic, 3xCD, Album, BFCD050
MY OPINION: Good thing Kamasi hired that choir and string section, otherwise I'd forget how "epic" this three-hour snoozefest is. I don't care how talented or competent or technical your musicians are... if there's no soul, your jazz album won't be worth a hoot in hell once the hype evaporates. I'm talking Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Billie Holiday... hell, I've heard more soul in Wesley Willis for crying out loud.

Also of note here is how easy it is to feign spiritual depth by sampling an amateurish speech by Malcolm X, who tries equating Chritianity, Judaism and the Muslim faith by positing that, despite the critical, incompatible theological differences between all three, they all worship the same god. (I laughed out loud when he ended that part with, "...probably.") Also, Malcom's here to extol how great the Muslim faith is. Unless you're a woman or a homosexual, of course. Guess Kamasi forgot to sample that part.

The Epic is an experienced listener's pump-and-dump, period.


August 4, 2019
edited 5 months ago
referencing The Epic, 3xLP, 180 + Box, Album, BF050

Although it becomes a little long in the tooth, The Epic is a sensational debut.

Sadly, this version is marred by a poor pressing. It's a shame because a lot of thought went into the packaging, and the physical presentation is very nice.

My records shipped with a large amount of surface noise and spindle holes that are way too small. The digital presentation of this album is vastly superior. What a shame.


March 15, 2019
referencing The Epic, 3xLP, 180 + Box, Album, BF050
Had this one, listened for about 3/4 times...
Really tried to like it...
...bu I just don't get it !
Yeah, technically top played,Marsalis brothers are also technically one of the best!
Executed very sharp, but idoes it say anything ( at least to me ) ?
I rest my case on this one: JUST PASS ME BY !!!


February 15, 2019
edited 11 months ago
referencing The Epic, 3xLP, 180 + Box, Album, BF050

Great sounding pressing! Wide dynamic range with solid bass and clean treble. No noticeable surface noise even at loud volume levels.


February 6, 2019
referencing The Epic, 3xCD, Album, BFCD050
I love jazz but i sold the lp box pretty fast. For me this feels way way overrated. I absolutly agree with drgn238's post below.


October 10, 2018
referencing The Epic, 3xCD, Album, BFCD050
I am busy for more then 40 years with music collecting, concerts and am open to different sorts of musical experiences.
Don't know exactly, bust probably tens of thousands of musical pieces came by.
I did really tried this one, but after several, definitely more then five times, I can not understand what should be that georgous about it.
Sounds like somebody technically very / highly skilled ( think of Marsallis brothers ) but with hardly anuthing of value to communicate / say.
Well, if someone is making his / her's aquaitance for the very first, or one of the first steps into realm of this kind of music, it's
quite easy to be impressed by all this.
I wish this guy a lot of money on his way ( to where ?), but music has not that much to do with it.
Don't mind people loving it or those hyping/pushing it,but... beat least honest and see it for what it is:


July 12, 2018
referencing The Epic, 3xCD, Album, BFCD050

Does anybody know why tracklists on CD's and on LP's differ ?
And what tracklist is correct ? Or both are correct ??


May 28, 2018
referencing The Epic, 3xLP, 180 + Box, Album, BF050

Impressive and beautiful. Just what we needed, and gorgeously backaged. I'm so glad this talent got the space needed to produce and collaborate, resulting in a pretty condensed, ambitious and massive pack of pieces. The poetic quality in the lyrics, plus the arrangements make this awesome (for me).

Thank you, Kamasi. Peace! <3


May 15, 2018
referencing The Epic, 3xLP, 180 + Box, Album, BF050
After long & stressful readings on forums, i've decided to pull the trigger on this one since the boxset was pretty cheap on (i mean, 35€ for a 3 LP set in a nice box, that's a steal).

Indeed, the presentation is pretty lavish considering the price. My version doesn't have the issue with the box being too tight as records and sleeves fit perfectly.

As for the pressing, everything seem fine on my system.
Since a lot of people has reported problems (mainly on the 1st side), i've listening to the whole thing VERY loud (it's pretty silent since there is so much music per side) and with great attention, and i can tell i have no real issues.
The music doesn't sound muffled or compressed on my copy... honestly, i don't know how they've managed to put +30 min on some sides without compromising too much.

I guess they had some QC problems at the beginning... or maybe i just got lucky!


May 13, 2018
referencing The Epic, 3xLP, 180 + Box, Album, BF050
Not sure what people are expecting when they're buying vinyl records with 30min per side. These sound fantastic for what they are, and I think the cost-cutting measures only add to the fact that more people can enjoy this on wax, rather than it being a pricey, limited 6xLP box set.