Karel Kryl ‎– Kdo Jsem...? - Poslední Zpověď

Supraphon ‎– SU 7124-9


DVD Kdo Jsem...? - Hudebně-Poetický Film
DVD-1 Kdo Jsem...? 86:00
DVD-2 Bratříčku, Zavřel Jsi Vrátka... 25:00
CD Demokracie
CD-1 Nehažte Kamení 2:10
CD-2 Plaváček 3:55
CD-3 Pochyby 1:42
CD-4 Karavana Mraků 3:59
CD-5 Hle, Jak Se Perou 1:40
CD-6 Co Řeknou? 0:58
CD-7 Střepy 2:24
CD-8 Lásko! 3:40
CD-9 Irena 3:50
CD-10 Běla 0:59
CD-11 Zkouška Dospělosti 2:48
CD-12 Znamení Doby 2:25
CD-13 Bratříčku, Zavírej Vrátka 2:07
CD-14 Od Čadce K Dunaju 1:46
CD-15 Důchodce 1:45
CD-16 Sametové Jaro 2:26
CD-17 Idyla 1:19
CD-18 Holáryjó 1:43
CD-19 Demokracie 3:41
CD-20 Anděl 3:29
CD-21 Děkuji 3:13
CD-22 Žalm 71. 2:59
CD-23 Dopisy 2:08
CD-24 Žalm 120. 0:58
CD-25 Gloria 2:50

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Recorded 1993 (?)


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  • Barcode: 099925712495


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February 28, 2015
Supraphon Release Information

Karel Kryl in 1993, and still absolutely contemporary!

At the time, some of us might have grown weary of his saddened and, occasionally, spiteful scepticism about and disillusionment with the post-revolution period and the split of Czechoslovakia, yet when looking back we have to admit the veracity of the words uttered by one wiser than us. The film director Dušan Rapoš was the last one who succeeded in making a seminal documentary summing up the songs, verse, reminiscences and deliberations of the little-big man, whose departure was nigh. Live shooting in the sun and the rain alike, the best-known, the lesser-known, as well as songs that have yet to enter the public domain. Extracts from Kryl’s poems, recalling his mother, brooding over various themes, as well as pertinent short analyses of politics, mercilessly foretelling that which we witness and live through today.

At one time, this recording appeared on a VHS cassette, a decade later it was released as a limited edition, virtually non-commercial DVD. The present CD features all the 25 songs contained on the DVD. Listening to Demokracie, Sametové jaro, Holáryjó or Idyla reminds us of what we have lost, missed or failed to fulfil… Even though it would seem that a songwriter who has been dead for 20 years, without having had a chance to chronicle events, has no longer any substance, the very opposite is true, as proved by this CD. Karel Kryl was a man endowed with exceptional talent and the rare ability to see into the future.

Kryl about himself, but also about us!