Kattoo ‎– l--ll-ll l-ll ll-ll- l-ll- l--l-ll l--l-ll ll-- ll-- l- l--l-

jungle.clan.ag ‎– 4
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1 ll-- l- l--l-ll- l-ll 5:10
2 l-l l-ll l- l--ll- l--l-ll l--l-l 4:56
3 l-l ll-ll- l--ll-ll- ll-- l--ll-ll l-ll l--ll-ll- l--ll-ll- 5:39
4 ll- ll-ll ll--l- l--ll-ll ll- ll-ll 4:40
5 l--ll-ll- ll- l--ll-ll l- ll-- ll- ll-ll ll--l-ll 3:36
6 ll--l- l--l-l ll-- ll-ll- ll-- l--ll l-ll l-l 5:16
7 l-ll ll--ll l-ll l--l-l ll-ll- l--l-l ll-l 4:49
8 l--l-ll- ll-ll- l- l--l-l l--l-ll ll-- l--ll-ll l- ll- l--l- 4:18
9 l--l-ll l--ll-ll ll- ll-ll ll l-ll l- ll-- 3:45
10 l--ll-ll- l-ll ll--ll l-ll l--l-l ll-- ll--l-ll 4:30
11 ll--ll ll-ll- l--l-ll l--ll ll-ll- l--l-l 4:03



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October 9, 2011
About three years ago, Volker Kahl gave up on the music industry. Recording under his alias Kattoo, and earlier in his collaboration with Gabor Schablitzki as Beefcake, Kahl left his home-base of Hymen Records, and started releasing his music (including past albums) to the public on a donation basis, via his very own jungle.clan.ag, where every cent goes directly to the artist. Of course, giving up on the industry also means giving up some of its perks, like the wide distribution channels of a somewhat large independent label, and the necessary promotion that goes with it. Which is why, when the fourth full length album by Kattoo "hit the streets", I totally missed it! And I'm a huge fan! In the last decade, I have absorbed every Kattoo album, from Places (2004), to Megrim (2005), to Hang On to A Dream (2006) and now, this mysteriously Morse-style encoded album, which title translates to Reivoottak, which, in turn, spells out backwards "kattoovier", and just means "Kattoo Four". The eleven similarly encoded track titles translate into basic elements, reminding me of patch names on a synth: "Tape", "Church", "Orchbeat", "Violin", etc. Alas, the titles follow the main theme of each individual track. Thankfully, everything that is hidden from plain sight with complicated visual code, is revealed in all of its glory with sound. Here is the Kattoo staple sound that I've been waiting for. Dark and brooding passageways, a sinister and ruthless approach to tight production, broken beats and old-skool breaks, deep cinematic soundscapes that take me to the other worlds... Although the album looks like it is within a jewel case on kattoo.de, Kahl assures us that it is no available as a physical CD. And that's the only downside - I suppose the lossless files will do. This is modern classical meets IDM at its best! Highly recommended for followers of Hecq, Architect, Subheim, Nebula and Lusine Icl.