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  • Artwork By – Sean Woodward & Richard Kik


Official Invitation to the Lodge of The Keepers Of the Fire:

Beyond our origins we have moved forward and exceeded the limits of what we now call permutations. With minimal guidance and little to no restriction, we have managed to evoke a divine muse that is possessed by not one but all. In the spirit of our predecessors we continue to liberate creativity from a darkness further than the personal unconscious. Further to a place we witness with a Third Mind.

We have convened outside of the our common order and established a private affair that we intmately and justly call: The Keepers Of the Fire
To let go and explore beyond the confinement of our OWN imagination and merge this foutainhead of protoplasm, we establish a higher order of communication. This communication is further described in detail in our technical manual:
The Third Mind By Brion Gysin and William Seward Burroughs.

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