Kermit Schafer ‎– All Time Great Bloopers Vol. 1 & 2

MCA Records ‎– MCA2-4116
2 × Vinyl, LP


A1 Herbert Hoover
A2 Bread Commercial
A3 White House News
A4 Uncle Don
A5 Quiz Show
A6 KTIW / Texas City
A7 Roommates In College
A8 Weather
A9 Box Lunch
A10 Sonny Tufts?
A11 Bargain
A12 Jinx Falkenberg
A13 High-Low
A14 Westminster Abbey
A15 Spiritual
A16 Yogi Berra
A17 Getting Married
A18 David Ross / Tito Guizar
A19 Traffic Sound Effects
A20 Organ (BBC)
A21 D. J. Host
A22 Playmate
A23 Condominium
A24 Steve Allen Prize
A25 Santa Claus Remote
A26 Count Of Monte Cristo
A27 Morey Amsterdam
A28 Victory Garden
A29 Dave Garroway / Dial Soap
A30 Hitler's Panzer Division
A31 Dress Sale
A32 Mid Day Meditation
A33 Phil Cook
A34 Boardwalk Strollers
A35 Ethel Merman
A36 Mozart's Music Flute
A37 Fashion Show
A38 Alaska Weather
A39 H. V. Kaltenborn
A40 Golf Tournament
B1 Gigi
B2 What's My Line?
B3 Stool Pigeon
B4 Locked Door
B5 Davy Crockett Bed
B6 Sauce Commercial
B7 Virgin Island
B8 Disc Jockey
B9 Ford Commercial
B10 Everybody Loves Somebody
B11 Mental Institution
B12 Honeymoon
B13 Funeral
B14 War News
B15 Football Action
B16 Train Wreck
B17 Tums Commercial
B18 Parade
B19 Party Time
B20 Superman
B21 Detergent
B22 Golfer
B23 High Coloric Diet
B24 Honeymooner
C1 A Twosome
C2 Hilda Johnson
C3 Lazy Gondolier
C4 Funeral Parlor
C5 Missing Person
C6 Clifford Irving
C7 Cbc
C8 Savings Bond
C9 Paint Commercial
C10 Cinderella
C11 Headline Edition
C12 Alexander Dumas
C13 Crab Salad
C14 Mr. Anthony
C15 Physics
C16 Poultry Night
C17 Happiness Boys
C18 Cigar Commercial
C19 Concert
C20 Quiz Contestant
C21 Don't Blame Me
C22 Wild Bill Hickcock
C23 Newlywed
C24 Educational Toys
C25 Soprano
C26 Man On The Street
C27 Weather Man
C18 Woman On The Run
C29 Sportscaster
D1 Local News
D2 Beauty Salon
D3 Disc Jockey Dedication
D4 Shopper
D5 Mario Lanza
D6 Paul Harvey
D7 Nurses Wanted
D8 Polka Time
D9 Football Injury
D10 This Is Your Life
D11 Adlai Stevenson
D12 John Cameron Swayze
D13 Championship On Ice
D14 Cooking Show
D15 Violinist
D16 Baseball Error
D17 Country D. J.
D18 Local News
D19 Enoch Powell BBC
D20 Mike Fright
D21 Lowell Thomas
D22 Vaccine
D23 Bing Crosby
D24 Boy Scouts
D25 Trade In



Pressing with Blue Rainbow MCA labels.

"Radio And TV's Most Hilarious Boners! Collectors Edition"