Kerum ‎– Twilight Of The Apocalypse

Vinyl, LP, Album, Green Marble


A1 Boy In The Bubble Asphyxiated In His Own Plastic Womb
A2 The Assasination Will Be Televised
A3 Lance
A4 Sea Of Hoodies
A5 Rovok
A6 Tears Wasted On Uselessness
A7 Latter Day Saints
A8 Business Is As Business Does
A9 Young Republians In Love
A10 Short And To The Point
A11 Generic Anti-Government Conspiracy Rambling
A12 Fluid And Fume
A13 Put The Blinders On And Ride Me Like A Fuckin Horse
B1 The Evolution Of Your Intelligence Is A Direct Result Of My Environment In Your Life
B2 Twilight Of The Apocalypse
B3 King Fucker
B4 Yes I Have A Friend With A Pirate Nickname
B5 Some Dead
B6 Giving Up Is Easier Than Trying
B7 Beg No Pardon
B8 Specters
B9 Misc.
B10 Pile Of Ashes
B11 The Uncertain Principle
B12 Puzzle Pieces That Never Fit
B13 As Progress Rises