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Kid Baltan, Tom Dissevelt, Henk Badings, Dick RaaijmakersPopular Electronics: Early Dutch Electronic Music From Philips Research Laboratories (1956 - 1963)

Basta – 30-9141-2
CD, Compilation, Stereo, Mono
CD, Compilation, Stereo, Mono
CD, Compilation, Stereo
Box Set, Remastered


Henk BadingsKain En Abel
ChoreographyJ. Zielstra
Engineer [Assistant]J.W. de Bruyn*
Level Up1-1Introduction / Dance / Dance Of The Destructive Forces3:44
Level Up1-2Conflict, Conclusion, Transition2:35
Level Up1-3Passacaglia2:13
Level Up1-4Arioso2:19
Level Up1-5Conflict, Reprise (Arioso)3:34
Level Up1-6Conflict, Finale2:54
1-7Kid BaltanSong Of The Second Moon (Version 2)2:48
1-8Kid BaltanNight Train Blues3:31
1-9Kid BaltanColonel Bogey
Arranged ByKid Baltan
Composed ByKenneth Alford
Henk BadingsEvolutionen
ChoreographyYvonne Georgi
Engineer [Assistant]Jan W. De Bruyn
Level Up1-10Overture2:17
Level Up1-11Air2:25
Level Up1-12Ragtime3:30
Level Up1-13Intermezzo2:48
Level Up1-14Waltz0:58
Level Up1-15Finale1:37
1-16Tom DisseveltWhirling (Sonic R-Entry)2:35
1-17Tom DisseveltSyncopation (Orbit Aurora)2:59
1-18Tom DisseveltDrifting (Moon Maid)3:11
1-19Tom DisseveltVibration (The Visitor From Inner Space)
Engineer [Assistant]Kid Baltan
1-20Kid BaltanMechanical Motions (The Ray Makers)7:25
1-21Tom DisseveltIntersection (Twilight Ozone)
Commissioned ByAvro
ConductorBep Rowold
Engineer [Assistant]Kid Baltan
OrchestraThe Skymasters
RealizationSTEM Utrecht
Concert Music
2-1Dick RaaijmakersTweeklank (Contrasts)4:47
2-2Dick RaaijmakersPianoforte4:58
Film Music
2-3Henk BadingsVariations Électroniques
AnimationAndré De Vries
Art DirectionEmile Brumsteede
Engineer [Assistant]Jan W. De Bruyn
Producer, Directed ByGerard J. Raucamp
2-4Dick RaaijmakersAchter De Schermen
Film DirectorJan Moonen
Other [Final Synchronization]Cinecentrum
ProducerPolygoon Profilti
2-5Dick RaaijmakersFuel For The Future
Other [Final Synchronization]Cinecentrum
2-6Dick RaaijmakersBekaert: Het Andere Woord Voor Staaldraad
Commissioned BySafedi Brussels
Film DirectorG.A. Magnel
Other [Final Synchronization]Safedi Brussels
Sound Scenery
2-7Dick RaaijmakersEin Reiterstück
Engineer [Assistant - Synchronizations]Frits Weiland*
Tom DisseveltFantasy In Orbit
RealizationSTEM Utrecht
Level Up3-1Ignition3:23
Level Up3-2Atlantic3:16
Level Up3-3Spearhead2:50
Level Up3-4Zanzi2:52
Level Up3-5Anchor Chain2:47
Level Up3-6Tropicolour3:57
Level Up3-7Gamelan3:06
Level Up3-8Woomerangs3:08
Level Up3-9Waltzing Mathilda1:52
Level Up3-10Pacific Dawn3:49
Level Up3-11Gold And Lead2:40
Level Up3-12Mexican Mirror2:16
Level Up3-13Seconds To Eternity3:40
Level Up3-14Re-Entry3:12
Alternate Versions
4-1Kid BaltanSong Of The Second Moon (Original Version)3:06
4-2Tom DisseveltSyncopation (Alternate Version)3:10
4-3Tom Dissevelt12-Tone Composition For The Skymasters4:39
4-4Tom DisseveltIntersection (Early Version)
RealizationSTEM Utrecht
4-5Tom DisseveltTropicolours (Early Version)
RealizationSTEM Utrecht
4-6Tom DisseveltWaltzing Mathilda (Early Version)2:22
4-7Tom DisseveltQuiz Tune For VARA Television0:30
4-8Dick RaaijmakersLimburg’s National Anthem0:21
4-9Dick RaaijmakersBell Tune0:30
4-10Dick RaaijmakersCoppélia Tune0:22
4-11Dick RaaijmakersSign Tune0:34
Dick RaaijmakersSTER Tunes
Level Up4-12STER Tune 10:10
Level Up4-13STER Tune 20:11
Level Up4-14STER Tune 30:11
Level Up4-15STER Tune 40:11
Level Up4-16STER Tune 50:11
Level Up4-17STER Tune 60:11
Level Up4-18STER Tune 70:11
Level Up4-19STER Tune 80:10
Level Up4-20STER Tune 90:14
Sound Examples
4-21Henk BadingsSound Examples - Group 11:42
4-22Henk BadingsSound Examples - Group 22:30
4-23Henk BadingsSound Examples - Group 32:23
Sound Materials
Kid BaltanSound Material For "Song Of The Second Moon"
Level Up4-24Tape Loop With Basic Rhythm0:24
Level Up4-25Tape Loop With Rhythm And Bass Pattern0:56
Level Up4-26Arpeggio’s With Echo0:17
Level Up4-27Figure Moving Downwards, Leading Into Whistle Melody With Echo0:58
4-28Dick RaaijmakersElectronic Boogie Woogie1:01
Sound Material For 'Whirling'
4-29Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanOpening Sequence0:12
4-30Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanFirst Melody0:22
4-31Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanFirst Melody Transposed0:17
4-32Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanChord Of Combined Sounds0:13
4-33Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanBass Pattern0:16
4-34Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanRhythm Loop With Bass Pattern0:20
4-35Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanVariant0:22
4-36Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanChord Sequence With Sine Wave Tones0:16
4-37Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSecond Melody0:17
4-38Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanArpeggio With Echo0:11
4-39Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanTransposed Piano Chord Sequence0:16
4-40Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSame As Above With Overdub0:17
4-41Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanFirst Melody, Variant0:16
4-42Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanFirst Melody, Canonic Setting0:17
4-43Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanFirst Melody, Canonic Setting, Different Version0:20
4-44Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanFast Broken Chord Sequence0:17
4-45Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanClosing Sequence With Echo0:18
4-46Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanChord Of Combined Sounds, Noise Effect0:14
4-47Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanReversed Echoing Piano Chords, Continuation0:09
4-48Tom DisseveltBackground Texture For Quiz-Tune0:28
4-49Tom DisseveltMulti-Layered Laughter0:52
Sound Material For 'Syncopation'
4-50Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanBasic Melody0:38
4-51Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanReversed Chords, Leading Into Melodic Continuation0:18
4-52Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanFast Transposed Piano Chord Sequence0:18
4-53Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSecond Melody0:21
4-54Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanBass Pattern With Rhythm Loop0:21
4-55Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanFast Transposed Piano Chord Sequence With Echo0:21
4-56Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanRepeated Figure With Echo0:11
4-57Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanShort Oscillator Glissandi0:10
4-58Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSecond Melody, Electronically Chopped, With Echo0:21
4-59Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanShort Oscillator Glissandi With Echo, Leading Into Broken Chord Sequence0:38
4-60Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanReversed Chord Sequence0:19
4-61Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanClosing Chord Sequence, Leading Into Glissando Upwards0:11
4-62Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanBroken Chord Sequence With Echo And Background0:11
4-63Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanMixture Of Upward Glissandi, Leading Into High Electronic Sound0:12
4-64Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSequence Of Three Complex Electronic Glissandi Chords With Echo0:10
Sound Material For 'Drifting'
4-65Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSpace Effect No.10:15
4-66Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanTwo Alternating Chords With Echo0:16
4-67Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanMelody With Electronic Bell Sounds0:26
4-68Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanPercussive Chord Sequence 10:31
4-69Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanBass Pattern0:29
4-70Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanChord Sequence No.20:21
4-71Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanRepeating Tympani-Like Tone0:24
4-72Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanRepeating Harp Figure0:34
4-73Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanBass Pattern0:14
4-74Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanRetro-Chord Sequence0:16
4-75Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanMelody With Amplitude Modulation0:17
4-76Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanBass Pattern No.30:23
4-77Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSpace Effect Cross Fading Into Alternating Chords0:27
4-78Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSustained Chord0:19
4-79Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanRepeating Pentatonic Figure 10:35
4-80Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSpace Effect No.2 (Sine Tone Glissandi)1:00
Sound Material For 'Vibration'
4-81Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSequence No.10:12
4-82Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSequence No.20:17
4-83Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSpace Effects With Echo0:23
4-84Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanOptical Siren (Sound Colour Melody)0:17
4-85Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanNoise Attacks0:08
4-86Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSequence No.30:09
4-87Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSequence Of Chords With Retros0:15
4-88Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSequence No.40:18
4-89Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSequence No.50:09
4-90Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanRhythmic Tape Loop0:21
4-91Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanChord With Retro And Amplitude Modulation0:09
4-92Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanMetal Sound With Echo0:09
4-93Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanBass Pattern No.10:17
4-94Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanChord Sequence Cut-Out Sounds0:09
4-95Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanBass Pattern No.20:09
4-96Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanSame Pattern, High Pitched0:08
4-97Fred Judd*Spoken Letter From Fred Judd To Tom Dissevelt9:23

Companies, etc.



"Popular Electronics" showcases the first commercially produced popular electronic music; works for film, theater, and ballet; hybrid compositions that mix electronics with conventional instruments; novelties sound effects and experimental works.

Includes 7 booklets (titles: Introduction, Philips Natlab, Henk Badings, Dick Raaijmakers, Tom Dissevelt, Film Music & Track Notes), 4 compact discs, 2 stickers & reprinted matter like a newspaper article & musical sketches.

CD1: Ballet music by Henk Badings: 'Kain en Abel' & 'Evolutionen' and various compositions by Kid Baltan and Tom Dissevelt.
CD2: Concert music, film music & stage music.
CD3: Tom Dissevelt's 'Fantasy in Orbit'.
CD4: Previously unreleased material.

Total times:
- CD1: 65:28
- CD2: 72:50
- CD3: 42:50
- CD4: 64:44

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Scanned): 8712530914123
  • Barcode (Text): 8 712530 914123
  • Label Code: LC 01460
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 1): DOCdata BASTA ELECTRONIC
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 2): DOCdata BASTA ELECTRONIC-2
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 3): DOCdata BASTA ELECTRONIC-3
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 4): DOCdata BASTA ELECTRONIC-4

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