Kindergarten Hazing Ritual ‎– Awaiting The Video Game Crash

Brokecore ‎– Broke027


1 Capcom Still Doesn't Present 0:19
2 In Loving Memory Of The Integrity Of The Video Game Industry, We Shall Rape Lara Croft With A Plunger 1:08
3 Poon Tank 0:23
4 K M F C M (Kill Mother Fuckin Cory Monster) 1:30
5 Girls Who Google Their Name 0:21
6 Ashleevanilli (Aka "Girl You Know It's Girl You Know It's) 0:16
7 Fefe Dobson, Dogs Name Dogs Face Dogs Talent (Dogs Collar) 0:17
8 Why Do Anime Chicks Like Intelligent Men?...Because Opposites Attract 0:55
9 Drowning Caitlan Betchel In Her Fake Ass Tears 0:37
10 Androgyny Isn't Hardcore (But Hey, Neither Are We) 1:01
11 9/13/93 1:29
12 Awaiting The Video Game Crash 1:36
13 Adam Cooley's Girl Is Lame (But He's Still Mah Dawg) 0:27
14 Napalm Sticks To Little Girls 0:20
15 New Games Suck, But They're Still Better Than Girls 0:16
16 We Blew Up The Blood Banks To Kill You Vampire Wannabes And Your Girlfriends 0:55
17 Unfuckable Girls With Huge Mullets From The 80's 0:50
18 Shoujocide 0:53
19 Maury Povich Will Be Right Back After These Messages 0:05
20 Rape A Redhead In A Santa Hat For The Brothas That Ain't Here No Mo 0:27
21 New Black Eyed Peas Vs. Old Black Eyed Peas (White Girls Ruin Everything) 0:41
22 Shit, Aren't Those Your Panties In That Vending Machine? 2:25
23 Yu Gi Oh Theme Song 0:06
24 John Romero Will Make You His Bitch 1:07
25 Sebastianna's Coke Nail 0:41
26 Psychic Enemy Hotline 1:08
27 Adult Swim Vs. Mindless Self Indulgence In The Battle For Most Annoying Fan Base Ever 0:39
28 And The Winner Is...Dir En Grey!! 0:24
29 The Tale Of Jennifer Being Kicked Off CM's Friend List Pt.1 0:11
30 The Tale Of Jennifer Being Kicked Off CM's Friend List Pt.2 0:16
31 If You Were A True Gamer Girl, You'd Jam On My Joystick 0:11
32 Neopets Doesn't Count As A Strategy Game 0:13
33 E G M Tribute Song 1:11
34 Electronic Gay-ming Monthly (R U E For Sony To Fuck Your Ass?) 0:41
35 Did You Eat Craps (J-Rock Got Me Nothing But Enemies Pt.2) 2:53
36 News Flash: Krystal Yang Finally Comes Forward About Being The Cause Of The Herpes Epidemic Within The Visual Kei Scene 0:34
37 Xbox Murder Mystery 2 Electric Boogaloo 1:08
38 Waiting For Magenta On The Porch With Shotgun In Hand 0:50
39 Suitcase Girl (Some Assembly Required) 1:36
40 The Only Good Thing That Ever Came Out Of Her Mouth Was My Black Cock 0:38
41 Pokerap 0:21
42 If Promiscuity Was An Olympic Event You'd Be Polishing That Gold Medal Right Now 0:28
43 Some Girl On I M D B Said Battle Royale 2 Was Better Than The Original 0:07
44 This Is Adam Cooley's World, You Hoes Just Live In It 0:15
45 Zack Morris's Cell Phone 0:17
46 Music To Pop Zits To 0:20
47 Not Quite Gamers, Not Quite Whores, Failures At Both 0:12
48 I Bet There Were Otaku In The Heaven's Gate Cult 0:46
49 Cunt Flavored Slushies 0:57
50 The Crackpipe In Elizabeth's Handbag 0:29
51 Why Princesses Wear Pink 1:16
52 Let's Just Pretend You Tried To Rape Me So My Parents Won't Think I'm A Slut 0:56
53 Hoobastank Made Her Do It - The Rachelle Waterman Story, Tonight On Lifetime 0:17
54 Crazy Joe Will Smash You With This Truck And Drag You Under The Trailer Tandems 0:48
55 Maximum Scene Points For Being A Tranny 0:55
56 The Song That Killed On Unfortunate D D R Champ (And Injured 3 Others) 3:28
57 What? Another Sex Tape? 0:38
58 No, One Rakey Blowjob Behind The Karaoke Room At Otakon Does Not Entitle You To A Free P S P 0:18
59 Does Ubisoft Fix Your Mascara When You Cry After Losing? 1:52
60 Telling The Camera Guy From Bang Bus To Shut The Fuck Up 0:21
61 If A Dead Rock Star Were Gonna Posess Anyone, Why The Fuck They Choose An Obsessed Fancunt Like You 0:18
62 Krystine Krystine, Wannabe Groupie Machine 0:06
63 Mary Kate's Coke Nail 1:22
64 Mary Kate's Coke Nail Vs. Sebastianna's Coke Nail 0:22
65 Lining Up All The Spongebob Queerpants Fans And Chopping Off Their Heads One By One...Genetic Cleansing At It's Finest 0:40
66 Fuck, You're Not Even Pretty When You Cry 0:42
67 Get Fucking Cancer 2:00
68 The New Video Game Crash 5:02
69 This Is Track Sixty-Nine!!! (Featuring Girls Against Boys Guy, And Snapcase Guy And Nick Cave) 10:49
70 No One Should Die At A Concert, But Everyone Should Die At A Rave 6:11