Kirschstein ‎– Kirschstein

Brave Mysteries ‎– CQBL 036
Cassette, Limited Edition




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October 26, 2012

After eight years in the making, the album Kirschstein is an extremely rare manifestation. This is a heroic musical collaboration between a multitude of unusual characters, originally started in Essen, Germany, in 2003. Kirschstein features a small circle of kindred spirits hidden throughout Europe, many of whom seem to wish to remain in the shadows, and these songs were slowly assembled from a combination of free jam sessions and long-distance collaborations. Aside from these mysterious types, there is also the unmistakable contributions of such amazing artists as Demian (aka Ô Paradis) and Flavio Rivabella (aka Der Bekannte Post-Industrielle Trompeter). Not to mention there is even involvement from some of our dear friends within the secretive and austere netherworld of the Franconian Underground, so far only expressed in the scarce works of Brannten Schnüre and Agnes Beil. Now, given the taste for this kind of music is neurotically specific, it is difficult to accurately describe how this album actually sounds. Let's start by saying that it would perfectly on the shelf next to anything by other post-industrialists like Nový Svět, Art Abscons, Wermut, Mushroom's Patience, Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa, or the great Prog outsiders like Robert Wyatt and Franco Battiato, or other examples of Germany's own eclectic psychedelic heritage of Krautrock like Amon Düül and Can. No matter whether those names mean anything to you or not, simply stated: this album is a hallucinogenic masterpiece. It's collection of songs come rushing past you in a hyper collage made using multiples of song and scene, motifs and languages, vision and fancy. It is as if any one detail might be completely meaningless, yet the profundity of their cohesion makes them all essential and inspired. Keep close listen or you will miss subtle steps (and sometimes garish leaps) between bouts of "bizarro world" bundeswehr, freewheeling krautrock, symbolist dreamscapes, rural folk reflections, catholic cabaret, kosmische meditations, erotic melancholia and maloche pop.