Kiss ‎– Music From The Elder

Rare Music (2) ‎– 3650 MX
Vinyl, LP, Unofficial Release


A1 Warrior (19) Boys Wanna Rock
A2 Warrior (19) It's So Pretty
A3 Warrior (19) Gypsy In Her Eyes
A4 Warrior (19) Back On The Streets
A5 Warrior (19) I'm In Love
A6 Warrior (19) Your Baby
B1 Kiss The Unknown Force
B2 Kiss Heaven
B3 Helix (3) Young & Wreckless
B4 Kiss World Without Heroes
B5 Kiss Don't Run


Tracks A1-A6 are Demos by Vinnie Vincent's earlier band Warrior (19).
Tracks B1, B2, B4 and B5 are demos for Kiss - (Music From) The Elder
Track B3 is an early Helix Demo.

Trademarks RARE MUSIC Hollywood California
Distributed by YPOC
Printed in USA

Please note that song B1 is, despite the different title, the same recording as A2 on the Fancy Mix album, B4 is the same as A1 on ”Fancy Mix” and B5 same as A3 of Fancy Fair.

B2 is an instrumental recording with Eric Carr, Ace Frehley and on bass Bob Ezrin. This song eventually became ”Breakout” on the Frehley's Comet debut album with new lyrics by Frehley and Richie Scarlet and also ”Carr Jam 1981” on the Kiss - Revenge album. This version is not the same take as Kiss used and has the complete 3 minute drum solo while Kiss cut it down to just 1.15 minute.