Kittens In A Blender / Nasopharynx ‎– Kittens In A Blender/Nasopharynx

H.F.N. Recordings ‎– 009, H.F.N. Recordings ‎– 009
12 × File, WAV, EP, Stereo, Split


1 Kittens In A Blender Your stupid baby wouldn't shut the fuck up so I smashed it with a brick 0:10
2 Kittens In A Blender Fremont is full of stupid fucking hipsters 0:04
3 Kittens In A Blender All the children are dead 0:04
4 Kittens In A Blender There are no anime titties in Japan stupid weeabo faggot 0:03
5 Kittens In A Blender Punching pregnant women in the stomach 0:05
6 Kittens In A Blender They say laughter is the best medicine but I still got kicked out of the hospital for laughing at the cancer kids 0:05
7 Kittens In A Blender Anyone who listens to Nasopharynx is a stupid faggot with no balls 0:10
8 Nasopharynx KIAB Is A Gay Boy And Sucks His Own Cock To Dog Sex 0:16
9 Nasopharynx Playing Slap Bass Will Expand Dongs Everywhere 0:06
10 Nasopharynx Bowel Movement-Original Soundtrack 0:10
11 Nasopharynx Some Jazz Fo Yo Bietch Azz 0:06
12 Nasopharynx Nasopharynx Is The Bastard (Not Really This Is Crust, Well Mostly) 0:42