Kiyoshi Mizutani ‎– Scenery Of The Border: Environment And Folklore Of The Tanzawa Mountains

and/OAR ‎– and/22
2 × CD, Album, Enhanced


1-1 Kurokura Power Plant 3:04
1-2 In The Tunnel At Kurokura Path 5:55
1-3 The Chain At Mt. Ohishi 5:08
1-4 Hail At Mt. Tanzawa 3:25
1-5 Wind At Dohdaira 5:04
1-6 Birds At Dohkaku Mountain Ridge 6:30
1-7 Classical Dance Music At The Festival Of Aburi Shrine 7:35
1-8 Substation At Shibusawa 2:20
1-9 Birds At Yozuku Path 4:31
1-10 Ohdana (Large Waterfall) 5:56
1-11 Lower Stream Of Ohdana 4:41
1-12 Yozuku River 4:10
2-1 Watering Place At Haragoya-Daira 3:55
2-2 At The Foot Of Mt. Yakeyama (Fallen Leaves And Slight Chime) 6:12
2-3 Yabusame (Horseback Archery As Shinto Ritual) At Murou Shrine In Rain 4:12
2-4 View Of Nakagawa River From Under A Hohki-Sugi (A Great Japanese Cedar Tree) 4:02
2-5 Million Times Invocation Of Yozuku (A Huge Rosary Suspended By A Pulley And Rotated) 5:23
2-6 West Tanzawa In Rain. Nishizawa And Nakagawa River 5:57
2-7 Yamabushi At The Top Of Mt. Tohnodake (Yamabushi Is A Moutain Priest Who Conducted The Ceremony) 9:46
2-8 Blue-And-White Flycatcher At Shiomizu Pass 6:07
2-9 Narcissus Flycatcher At Dohdaira 5:33
2-10 Watering Place Under Kannogawa-Nokkoshi 5:22
2-11 Cicada At Mt. Hinokiboramaru 5:54
2-12 Indian Tree Pipit At Mt. Hinokiboramaru 2:49



All location recordings were made throughout the Tanzawa mountain region, November 2002 - February 2004.

The second CD is a cross platform enhanced CD containing audio that can be played on a regular CD player, plus two PDFs that can be viewed on a computer. One PDF contains a photo gallery of Kiyoshi's journey around the Tanzawa mountain region of Japan. The second PDF contains a very large topographic map with recording points corresponding to the track numbers.

Special thanks to Paolo Ippoliti e Laura Lovreglio and Dale Lloyd.

Dedicated to Koji Tano.