Klangstrahler Projekt ‎– Pick Me Off The Dirt

Klangstrahler Records ‎– KLAR-003-CD
CD, Album


1 Prelude To A Grand Lovestory 0:57
2 Pick Me Off The Dirt 6:33
3 Theodora 5:45
4 Good Night America 6:03
5 Mercy 5:45
6 Celebrate Love 4:54
7 Tempo 5:39
8 Hope 4:53
9 Choose Me 5:53
10 I Need You In My Life 5:49
11 Once Upon A Time In Germany 20:07



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January 23, 2011

I was really surprised by this album. Hard to come by on something that good! There are no bad tracks on the album. There is a plenty of styles, both ethnic, popular, dance, singing, electronic, accoustic, but it all fits together and is played on top quality. It is something that both psybient listeners and normal people can immensely enjoy together.

The tracks are shorter than you might be used to, but still a bit longer than most popular music. That is, because KP know better than to use these three-minute intros and endings for each track which we Shpongle and Androcell listeners are used to.

If I could describe the style... Let's say it's like Kaya Project sometimes roughed up a bit and mixed together with a little of Raja Ram's Stashbag vol. 4. It's sometimes light-hearted, but not cheesy. We listeners of broody and ominous psychedelic music have diffculties to find something both good enough to listen to, and normal enough to invite other people. Klangstrahler Projekt does its best with both criteria.
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