Kokū Nishimura = 西村虚空* ‎– Kyotaku = 虚鐸

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CD, Album


1) A training song invoking the image of the city of Kyoto.
2) A song about the journey of human beings from birth to death based on the sacred scriptures of Buddhism.
3) A song from the northeastern part of Japan suggesting the experience of listening to the sound of a bell as it moves in the air.
4) A training song from the Yamato area. In this version, Yamoto choshi is introduced by Kyo-choshi.
5) The Bodhisattva’s Compassion.

“All the songs on this CD are traditional Zen-Buddist [sic] melodies written especially for the bamboo flute. Number 5, ‘Saji,’ is a very special song which was written and arranged by Koku Nishimura himself.

This unique music was recorded by the master Koku Nishimura in 1964. It was recorded in his home on the island of Kyushu in Japan. He used an old-fashioned tape recorder with just one microphone, so it has been a challenge to bring the recording up to modern standards. As much noise as possible was removed from the old tapes by using the latest technological methods. Our aim has been to preserve the original sound of Koku Nishimura’s kyotaku flute.”