Kottonmouth Kings ‎– Hidden Stash 420

Suburban Noize Records ‎– NZE164
2 × CD, Album, Compilation, Special Edition


Disc 1
CD-01 Intro
CD-02 Can Anybody Hear Me
CD-03 Take A Ride
CD-04 Evolution
CD-05 Tangerine Sky
CD-06 D Iz Who I B
CD-07 Got It Get It
CD-08 Stoner Bitch
CD-09 Late Night Call
CD-10 Lookin' Out My Window
CD-11 Mushroom Cloud
CD-12 This Is For You
CD-13 Pack Me Another Rip
CD-14 Purple Smoke
CD-15 Demons
CD-16 Adventures Of This
CD-17 Superstar
CD-18 Sick Adventure
CD-19 Sacrafice
CD-20 Let The Music Play
Disc 2
CD-21 Runnin' Things
CD-22 Wind Me Up
CD-23 Problem Addict
CD-24 New Vision
CD-25 Rebel Music
CD-26 We Can Smoke
CD-27 Spark It Up
CD-28 Dank In My Brain
CD-29 Grind
CD-30 Miss Smokey
CD-31 Get Up
CD-32 No Future
CD-33 Keep It Movin'
CD-34 Don't Sleep On The Streets
CD-35 Bumpin'
CD-36 Tip Off
CD-37 Action
CD-38 Funky Rhyme
CD-39 Free Willy
CD-40 High Hopes
Lost Adventures Bonus DVD
DVD-1 Intro
DVD-2 K.O.T.T.O.N.M.O.U.T.H. Song
DVD-3 Lost Adventures Intro (P-Town Ballers)
DVD-4 Where I'm Going
DVD-5 America's Most Blunted (Full)
DVD-6 Ian From EMI Intro
DVD-7 Pack Your Bowls
DVD-8 Ian From EMI And D-Loc
DVD-9 D Is Who I B
DVD-10 Ian From EMI and Johnny Richter
DVD-11 It's My Life
DVD-12 Tangerine Sky
DVD-13 Kottonmouth Kings Busted (Live)
DVD-14 The Birth Of Pakelika
DVD-15 Ian From EMI And Pakelika
DVD-16 Stoner Bitch - Potluck Feat. KMK
DVD-17 The Birth Of DJ Bobby B
DVD-18 Ian From EMI And DJ Bobby B
DVD-19 Amsterdam
DVD-20 The Birth Of Lou Dog
DVD-21 Ian From EMI And Lou Dog
DVD-22 Lou Dog Riding High
DVD-23 The Birth Of Taxman
DVD-24 Ian From EMI And Taxman
DVD-25 Japan
DVD-26 Mushroom Cloud - Dirtball Feat. Daddy X
DVD-27 Australia
DVD-28 Ian's Master Plan For KMK
DVD-29 Outro (Friends)
DVD-Bonus Blue Skies


Track numbering on case does not differentiate between discs and continues from first disc. This version of the release was only available at Best Buy and at the Suburban Noize Records webstore.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 6 73951 01642 2