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July 6, 2010
referencing Kottonmouth Kings, CD, Album, NZE44

I recently discovered a bunch of their CDs and find their style very rhythmic and entrancing. They rap about weed, their songs are about weed, the album covers are about weed. If you are ok with that, cool. I suppose you can't hit a homerun every time and that is where this disc comes in. It sucks. The beats here are weak, the rhymes are stale, and it seems like they were just half assing it. They include a few punk rock songs in the tracklist, so it's not all rap. A little too aggressive for me.

I liked the last song best (not just because it was the last one) but because they seemed to put together a tune with good flow and rhymes. The beat was tight and had me bouncing. One song doesn't make it worth buying though. Skip it. 2/5