Kraftwerk ‎– 3-D (Der Katalog)

Kling Klang ‎– 0190295923501, Parlophone ‎– 0190295923501
Box Set
Vinyl, LP, Album
Vinyl, LP, Album
Vinyl, LP, Album
Vinyl, LP, Album
Vinyl, LP, Album
Vinyl, LP, Album
2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Headphone Surround 3D
Vinyl, LP, Album


1-A1 Autobahn 14:27
1-B1 Kometenmelodie 1 5:29
1-B2 Kometenmelodie 2 3:30
1-B3 Mitternacht 2:15
1-B4 Morgenspaziergang 1:17
2-A1 Geigerzähler 0:31
2-A2 Radioaktivität 6:14
2-A3 Radioland 5:55
2-A4 Sendepause 0:25
2-A5 Nachrichten 1:17
2-B1 Aetherwellen 6:01
2-B2 Die Stimme Der Energie 0:51
2-B3 Antenne 3:37
2-B4 Radio Sterne 2:19
2-B5 Uran 1:26
2-B6 Transistor 1:14
2-B7 Ohm Sweet Ohm 2:58
Trans Europa Express
3-A1 Trans Europa Express 3:21
3-A2 Metall Auf Metall 2:08
3-A3 Abzug 2:24
3-A4 Schaufensterpuppen 3:37
3-B1 Franz Schubert 1:12
3-B2 Europa Endlos 5:52
3-B3 Spiegelsaal 5:20
Die Mensch • Maschine
4-A1 Die Mensch • Maschine 5:08
4-A2 Spacelab 5:27
4-A3 Metropolis 5:45
4-B1 Das Model 3:38
4-B2 Neonlicht 5:43
4-B3 Die Roboter 7:44
5-A1 Nummern 2:58
5-A2 Computerwelt 3:22
5-A3 It's More Fun To Compute 1:03
5-A4 Heimcomputer 5:09
5-B1 Computerliebe 6:33
5-B2 Taschenrechner 3:26
5-B3 Dentaku 3:08
Techno Pop
6-A1 Boing Boom Tschak 2:33
6-A2 Techno Pop 2:46
6-A3 Musik Non Stop 7:45
6-B1 Electric Cafe 3:50
6-B2 Der Telefon Anruf 2:45
6-B3 House Phone 2:30
6-B4 Sex Objekt 5:30
The Mix
7-A1 Die Roboter 7:44
7-A2 Computerliebe 6:33
7-A3 Taschenrechner 3:26
7-A4 Dentaku 3:08
7-B1 Autobahn 14:27
7-C1 Geigerzähler 0:31
7-C2 Radioaktivität 6:14
7-C3 Trans Europa Express 3:21
7-C4 Metall Auf Metall 2:08
7-C5 Abzug 2:24
7-C6 Heimcomputer 6:12
7-D1 Boing Boom Tschak 2:33
7-D2 Techno Pop 2:46
7-D3 Musik Non Stop 7:45
7-D4 Planet Der Visionen 7:52
Tour De France
8-A1 Tour De France 4:18
8-A2 Prologue 0:27
8-A3 Etape 1 3:46
8-A4 Chrono 1:12
8-A5 Etape 2 4:59
8-A6 Elektro Kardiogramm 4:37
8-B1 Aero Dynamik 5:59
8-B2 Vitamin 5:54
8-B3 La Forme 6:19
8-B4 Regeneration 0:28

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Sticker on front of the box on cellophan reading:
'8 Album Vinyl Box-Set
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Neue Aufnahmen 2012-2016
Album 7 / Headphone Surround 3D
+ download card'

Made in the EU
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Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 0190295923501
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout LP1 side A): BG48314-01 A1 JV 923 358+495-A1 J.C.2016
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout LP1 side B): BG48314-01 B5 TZ 923 358+495-B5 J.C.2014
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout LP2 side A): BG48321-01 A1 923 341-A1 J.C.2016
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout LP2 side B): BG48321-01 B1 SF 923 341+488-B1 J.C.2016
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout LP3 side A): BG49270-01 A2 923 334-A2 J.C.2016
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout LP3 side B): BG49270-01 B2 923 334-B2 J.C.2016
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout LP4 side A): BG49608-01 A1 923 303+471-A1 J.C.2016
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout LP4 side B): BG49608-01 B1 =7 923 303-B1 J.C.2016
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout LP5 side A): BG49264-01 A2 923 297-A2 J.C.2016 =2
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout LP5 side B): BG49264-01 B3 31 923 297-B3 J.C.2016
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout LP6 side A): BG49267-01 A2 923 280+433-A2 J.C.2016
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout LP6 side B): BG49267-01 B1 923 280-B1 J.C.2016 VV
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout LP7 side A): BG49915-01 A2 923 273-A2 J.C.2016
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout LP7 side B): BG49915-01 B3 923 273+426-B3 J.C.2016 ^4
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout LP7 side C): BG49915-02 C1 923 273-C1 J.C.2016
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout LP7 side D): BG49915-02 D4 923 273+426-D4 J.C.2016
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout LP8 side A): BG48483-01 A9 A1 923 266+419-A9 J.C.2017
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout LP8 side B): BG48483-01 B1 923 266+419-B1 J.C.2016
  • Rights Society: GEMA/MCPS
  • Label Code: LC04513
  • Other (Cat # LP1): 0190295923358
  • Other (Cat # LP2): 0190295923341
  • Other (Cat # LP3): 0190295923334
  • Other (Cat # LP4): 0190295923303
  • Other (Cat # LP5): 0190295923297
  • Other (Cat # LP6): 0190295923280
  • Other (Cat # LP7): 0190295923273
  • Other (Cat # LP8): 0190295923266

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Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
0190295873424 Kraftwerk 3-D (The Catalogue)(Box, Dlx + CD, Album, P/Mixed + CD, Album, P/Mixed) Parlophone, Kling Klang 0190295873424 Europe 2017 Sell This Version
0190295873578 Kraftwerk 3-D (Der Katalog)(Box, Dlx + CD, Album + CD, Album, MP + CD, Album +) Parlophone, Kling Klang 0190295873578 Europe 2017 Sell This Version
0190295923518 Kraftwerk 3-D (The Catalogue)(Box + LP, Album + LP, Album + LP, Album + LP, Albu) Parlophone, Kling Klang 0190295923518 Europe 2017 Sell This Version
none Kraftwerk 3-D - Radioaktivität(CD, Album, RP) Parlophone, Kling Klang none Germany 2017 Sell This Version
0190295924959 Kraftwerk 3-D (The Catalogue)(4xBlu-ray, Multichannel, Dol + Box) Parlophone, Kling Klang 0190295924959 Europe 2017 Sell This Version


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April 17, 2018
This is a brilliant release. The sounds, mixing and energy are all amazing - especially on this Vinyl box set. I know many think 'is it worth it, again!'? But yes it really is. Really really nice sound and beautiful pressing. Somebody below rants on about production and mixing etc - he either has not actually heard this on vinyl, or has a cheapo system. And no, you can't buy my copy.


August 27, 2017
According to Kraftwerk's official website, the vinyl releases use a 24 bit/48kHz digital master.


August 23, 2017
edited 8 months ago
Let's clear something:

1.- There's no such as 3D headphone surround (Even if there's a software "Spatial Audio Designer" for under ProTools for it). I don't detail it here.
2.-Terrible production! Unbearably plastic softwares all along substituted with the real analog and digital synths they once used.
3.- The mixing is horrible. Kickdrums has no punch, middle and "high" tone carriers are tastelessly boosted.
4.- Most of the songs are overcomed in a hurry and they has lost their original charm of freely playing with the time and more with the timelessness. That was one of their strenght - it's simply lost.

I think all the versions has just become worse with the time, altough they shows all the fine goods they never really satisfy the expectations. Most of the tracks were decorated, some sounds became more audible but all is like a bloody PC-software. All is OK, if they are concert versions but not from Kraftwerk. The direction since the software musicing is horrible. Tour de France 2003 was an absolutely amatheur studio-productionwise and it seems the direction stayed in the same trail and became even worse by now. Pity, I can't tell anything good about the release. Simply nothing. I'm sorry the most. As I see, they are censoring the reviews and ereases what they don't like. I'm curious when will this one be deleted.


August 5, 2017
So, this is the 2nd time I received the new box set. The first time I ordered the english version, the second was the german version. Both releases have the same shitty vinyl, lots of artifacts like adhesive residues and noises like grinding sounds and crackling, which really disturbs listening to the actual music. It really upsets you especially when you listening to the quieter passages. I sent my box sets back, got my money back, because most of the records of today are inferior vinyl. Every third release I have to send back because of the issues above. It's sad and disappointing, so I decided to buy no longer vinyl until they have solve the problems. Blu Ray or CD are, unfortunately, the best choice at the moment. These "Retro times" will hopefully end soon.


July 10, 2017
edited 9 months ago
I say "no thanks" to this release. Will stay with the originals + Minimum Maximum.
Have heard the snippets and the new recordings are even worse.
Why can't Kraftwerk just release a new album instead of this? Much, much easier and simpler.


June 27, 2017
I saw them at The Royal Albert Hall last week - epic stuff! Bought this and the 2 x LP....


June 12, 2017
Hello, one question. If the albums were reinterpreted live and recorded the places indicated, how is it possible that there are two editions? One in English and one in German.
Thanks in advance.


June 2, 2017

Great box set with slightly reworks on the old tracks. Sounds great!
Only one negative point: packaging. The box is so tough, you nearly can't take out the covers, or change to smooth inner sleeves for better protection.


May 30, 2017
edited 9 months ago

For all who want to catch up on the roots of EDM and/or Hip Hop and/or Electro. Or just Krautrock and/of electronic music in general. Or for all who already acknowledge their immense contribution: it is a must have.
My entry point was Das Model (1978-12 years old, fell of my chair) and followed their music ever since. The only downside for me back then was the non-dancability; I needed to wait another 10 years until House & Techno music to appear in the clubs to make it whole. I went to the Computer World concert in Paradiso and was pleasantly suprised with the sound quality and so do the records sound too. Excellent. Of course you need the German version. Selbstverständlich brauchen Sie den Deutsche Version.
The Radio Activity contains Japanese language. for the normal price EUR145


May 27, 2017
The sounds comes clear and great out of the speakers and the complete box are a beautiful piece of the biggest electronic band of all time!