Kreamy 'Lectric Santa / Asian Women On The Telephone ‎– The Kreamy 'Lectric Santa Sample Library Vol. 1 / Untitled

No Basement Is Deep Enough ‎– NBIDE #16
Cassette, Limited Edition, C50

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A1 Kreamy 'Lectric Santa KLS Sample Library-Various Diversions
A2 Kreamy 'Lectric Santa Not Just Another Watery Grave <Beat Derived>
A3 Kreamy 'Lectric Santa (Sickly) Dirty-Revising/ Re-Morphing/ Re Imagining "Yoghurt"
Bass – Chris HeadDrums – Aesop DekkerGuitar – Matty Luv
A4 Kreamy 'Lectric Santa The Beach Boys
A5 Kreamy 'Lectric Santa Porno Plotz
A6. Kreamy 'Lectric Santa Pree Pee's 1st 4 Track Experiment
A7 Kreamy 'Lectric Santa What Is This -Remix
A8 Kreamy 'Lectric Santa Wasted Altmod
A9 Kreamy 'Lectric Santa Nicoteen Alt
A10 Kreamy 'Lectric Santa Williams Remix (Deconditioning Cage)
A11 Kreamy 'Lectric Santa Dreams Of Punctual Indiscretion
A12 Kreamy 'Lectric Santa Sickly Hillbilly (Edit)
Other – John Paul
A13 Kreamy 'Lectric Santa Grok
A14 Kreamy 'Lectric Santa Danse Bastard Dance Extended Edit
Other – Thomas Dimuzio
A15 Kreamy 'Lectric Santa Sickly Sweet 2.6.
Bass – Ian BilletDrums – John PaulGuitar – Tori Kudo
A16 Kreamy 'Lectric Santa Various Improv And Tape Splice From The Cursed City 1998 ("From Recently Discovered Tape")
Drums – Dino FelipeOther – Ricky Pollo
B1 Asian Women On The Telephone 60^bWOMY TE^Y 60^bWUE YDOBO^bTCTBU9l (HAUTMEP)
B2 Asian Women On The Telephone BArHEP OB ^AB



Limited to 113 copies. Comes in a silver-black contextualization of polyester's position in a smoothie bar society.