L-R & RadioMentale ‎– I Could Never Make That Music Again

Sub Rosa ‎– SR 249
CD, Album


1 L-R I Could Never Make That Music Again 20:53
2 RadioMentale Thousands Of Records 11:43
3 L-R Interlude 1 'Turn Left' 0:12
4 RadioMentale Cool Noises 4:57
5 L-R Interlude 2 'Toy Box' 0:45
6 L-R Interlude 3 'Never Got A Job' 0:15
7 L-R & RadioMentale Soulmates 8:58



I Could Never Make That Music Again is a choral album, a sound collage crafted out of interviews, where artists, musicians, DJs and sound makers talk openly about their work, their visions, their hopes, their moments of doubts and their regrets in a loosely constructed narrative. Most of the people interviewed have all participated in the making of the history of electronic music; from the early tape experiments in the 1950s to the latest trends in techno.
Derrick May and Stacey Pullen, the pioneers of Detroit techno, reply to an audio letter recorded in 1966 at the Phillips research laboratory in Holland by Fred Judd talking to a certain Tom Dissevelt about the lack of commercial interest in electronic music. Thirty five years on the musicians of today air their thoughts on the subject. Steve Reich and The Residents swap anecdotes, DJ Shadow chats to Coldcut, Ryoji Ikeda to Richie Hawtin. Autechre reflect on the beauty of machines, A Guy called Gerald ponders on the cosmic realms of sound, Aphex Twin remembers his dreams, and Mad Mike from Underground Resistance marvels at the forces of Nature. The musician and author David Toop reflects on the act of listening, and Matthew Herbert plays around with everyday sounds.



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October 23, 2007
01 L-R - I could never make that music again

Created by Radiodays at De Appel Gallery in AMsterdam, april 2005, "I could never make that
music again" is a radio collage which organizes and disorganizes quotes from various
electronic artists interviewed and recorded by Jean-Philippe Renoult & Jean-Yves Leloup over
the past 15 years. The piece begins with a curious archive, the audio letter from Fred Judd,
a sound engineer for the BBC radiophonic workshop, sent to the dutch composer Tom Dissevelt in 1966.
Judd's vision is somewhat pessimistic regarding the commercial future of electronic music.
"I could never make that music again" offers possible answers to the questions voiced aloud
by Judd, and features un order of appearance: derrick may, stacey pullen, autechre, matmos,
alec empire, a guy called gerald, mad mike, coldcut, mixmaster morris, dj shadow, kid koala,
steve reich, claude lévaque, ryoji ikdea, richie hawtin, richard james [afex twin], thomas
brinkmann, mantronix, christian fennesz, squarepusher, the residents, and tony morley. The music
here is created from minute samples from the late 50s and 60s electronic era

02 Radiomentale - Thousands of records

It's a game of oppositions where reworked natural sounds recorded in the india forest and
inner city paris are juxtapposed with david toop's thoughts on present day sounds and listenings...

03 L-R Interlude 1 - Turn Left + 06 L-R Interlude 3 - Never got a job

mixmaster morris, dj and ambient techno pioneer, takes wry looks at the british music

04 Radiomentale - Cool noises

this sound work is made up of several interviews with the musician matthew herbert. As he
talks about his interest in using everyday sounds in his compositions we become aware of
the incidental background noises also recorded at the time of the interview that seem to
sum up his personal style of music making

05 L-R Interlude 2 - Toy box

the dj and producer simon begg looks at the similarities between computer music and toy boxes

07 L-R vs Radiomentale - Soulmates

Based on polydronic composition by jopo stereo, "soulmates" is a virtual dialogue between
the british producer/dj andrea parker and the german musician pole. both were originally
interviewed separately about their music practice, but in this piece the original meaning
of their answers is put to one side to make way for a conversation that has never taken
place. in the real world parker and pole never met each other.