La! NEU? ‎– Live At Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

Captain Trip Records ‎– CTCD-344/345
2 × CD, Album


1-1 Ouvertüre 2:57
1-2 Autoportrait Rembrandt 32:26
1-3 Zeeland Wunderbar 7:20
1-4 Notre Dame 23:00
2-1 Rembrandt + Viktoria / 2 6:12
2-2 Pause 1 0:25
2-3 Comme Nuages 5:38
2-4 Pause 2 1:54
2-5 The Hit ? Demo 13:51
2-6 Time 15:07




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February 12, 2014
Review from Audion #46 (2002)...
I'd heard rumour from somewhere that this was the best La! Neu? release to date. Well, we could do with something really good from them, couldn't we? But, as with most of their other live documents, what we get with this 1998 recording is a pretty mixed bag.
So, what do we get? Well, best of all is the concert's killer slog, the 32 minute Autoportrait Rembrandt which hurtles along relentlessly with the patent Neu! rhythm carried along with superb Conny Plank style phasing, chanting, solos, etc. I could imagine people at the Kosmische Club trying to do a marathon dance to this and all collapsing on the floor! It's an infectious, toe-tapping, throbbing, surging number that's quite extraordinary. But, after that, the next seven tracks on this 2CD set do little to impress, as an album listening experience that is, and there are too many big spaces with little happening. It would certainly have been a good concert to see, but as an album it doesn't really get good again until the final Time, which we know from the much better version on the first La Düsseldorf album.
So, good gig, but not so good as an album. With some judicious pruning and forethought a much better single CD release could have been compiled from this concert instead of the warts-and-all that we are presented with here.