Labtekwon ‎– NEXT: Baltimore Basquiat And The Future Shock / Visions Of Tehuti Volume 1

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CDr, Album, Limited Edition
DVDr, DVD-Video, Limited Edition


NEXT: Baltimore Basquiat And The Future Shock
CD-1 The Concept Of NEXT
CD-2 Give Thanks And Praise 2010
CD-3 Black Skatepunk
CD-4 Onyxx Sphinxx
CD-5 Basquiat Of Baltimore (Just Words In...)
CD-6 Elevate
CD-7 Faraway Land
CD-8 Future Shock
CD-9 Friend
CD-10 Circle Of Infinity
CD-12 Azed Chant
CD-13 Wedding Dance
CD-14 Goddess
CD-15 Be Love
CD-16 Balm In Gilead
CD-17 Fung Shwei
CD-18 The Buildings
CD-19 Your World
CD-20 Rad Akbar 1
CD-21 Gimme A Reason
CD-22 Eternal Struggle
CD-23 Won In A Trillion
Visions Of Tehuti Volume 1
DVD-3 NEXT: Downtown 2010
DVD-4 Bonus Features


Comes in a double DVD case with a tracklist insert with one hand labeled CDr and hand labeled DVD-R. The CDr contains the album "NEXT: Baltimore Basquiat And The Future Shock" and the DVD-R is "Visions Of Tehuti Volume 1".

The DVD contains:

A segment demonstrating techniques in preparing vegan dishes and important nutritional information for those interested in a vegan lifestyle. This edition of Vegan Grub includes:

Basic Nutritional Information
Break Fast (Raw food dish)
Lab Sammich (Cooked food dish)
West Side Salad (Raw food dish)
Vegan Smoothie (Raw food dish)

A documentary about the Dogon concept of "Nommo", featuring interviews and performances by spoken word icon Talaam Acey, Hip Hop visionary; Labtekwon, theater pioneers; Bashi Rose and Mitchell Ferguson of Men of Nommo, Femi The Dryfish of the 5th L, with excerpts of previous interviews by; Amiri Baraka and Afrika Bambaataa. The documentary begins with the origin of the concept of Nommo from the Nile Valley deities Maat and Tehuti, the African Griot, The Seasoning Process of Slavery, the Black Church, The Black Arts Movement, Spoken Word and Hip Hop Culture.
An in depth look at the cultural phenomenas that have changed the way the world looks at the power of the word as it applies to art and philosophy.

NEXT: Downtown 2010
This short film is an abstract tribute to the 80's film "Downtown 81" featuring Jean Michel Basquiat. The story is told through imagery and song depicting the struggle of the 21st century artist and the muses that give inspiration in the post-post modern world.

Bonus Features:
Jazzy Jeff Meets Labtekwon: An interview with Hip Hop Legend Jazzy Jeff conducted by Labtekwon
5th Elemental Deity: A music video by Labtekwon discussing the true nature of Hip Hop Culture