Lambchop, 200 Years, Richard Youngs, Lonnie Methe, Alastair Galbraith, William Tyler ‎– Year One

4 × Vinyl, LP
Vinyl, 7"
Box Set, Compilation


Turd Goes Back: Essential Tracks From Secret Secret Sourpuss And Big Tussie
A1 Lambchop The Fish Fry
A2 Lambchop Daktari
A3 Lambchop My Cliché
A4 Lambchop They Were Made For Each Other
A5 Lambchop Que Sera Sera
A6 Lambchop Came Home Late
A7 Lambchop I Megalomaniac
A8 Lambchop Old Dog Blue
B1 Lambchop Soaky In The Pooper
B2 Lambchop Music City Shits
B3 Lambchop All Over The World
B4 Lambchop Oh Nooooooo
B5 Lambchop Fa-Q
Long White Cloud
C1 Richard Youngs Mountains Into Inner Space
C2 Richard Youngs Mercury Lane
C3 Richard Youngs Big Waves Of An Actual Sea
D1 Richard Youngs Rotor-Manga-Papa-Maru
D2 Richard Youngs Mountains Into Outer Space
Calendar Work
E1 Lonnie Methe Bleak Street
E2 Lonnie Methe Summer Knowledge
E3 Lonnie Methe Pale Plums
E4 Lonnie Methe Learning From Las Vegas
E5 Lonnie Methe Twisted Roots
E6 Lonnie Methe Calendar Work
F1 Lonnie Methe Mudslide Rocking Chair
F2 Lonnie Methe My Love, My Labour
F3 Lonnie Methe The Fool And His Rake
F4 Lonnie Methe Poor Ol' Johnny
F5 Lonnie Methe Two For The Road
F6 Lonnie Methe Winter Victory
G1 200 Years Forms Are The Oil
G2 200 Years To Remember
G3 200 Years Erred
G4 200 Years Pretty Thing
G5 200 Years He/Not He
H1 200 Years Rented Life
H2 200 Years Remedy
H3 200 Years Partial Light
H4 200 Years Jennifer
Bonus 7"
I1 Alastair Galbraith Untitled 1
I2 Alastair Galbraith Untitled 2
I3 Alastair Galbraith Untitled 3
J1 William Tyler A Portrait Of Sarah


Comes in silk-screened box.

Limited to 178 copies.

Lambchop record has incorrect listing on label - there are 7 tracks listed for side two, and there are only 5 tracks on the side. Record comes with a 2 track list inserts, one that has the incorrect listing, and one with the updated correct listing.