Large Mound ‎– Raised On Rock

Julius Geezer Records ‎– GEE09
CD, Album


1 Omener 0:44
2 Whoopass 1:50
3 Backseat 1:30
4 If Only I Hadn't Been Born 2:16
5 Rather B Rockin' 1:59
6 [ Untitled ] 0:54
7 Piece Of Piss 1:03
8 Use It 2:23
9 Feeling Sorry For Myself 2:28
10 Be Careful 2:28
11 Everyone's Got One 3:04
Video I Thought You Were Dead 2:17


"I was delivering some bronze-casted Paul McCarthy sculptures to a client in Dallas. It was august of '99 and a legitimate 106 degrees when I dropped off the work at the Dallas warehouse early in the afternoon. I had to return an empty truck to New York and I decided to take advantage of the cargo space to make a large drawing. After clearing out the 24-foot Ryder truck, I set the piece while parked in an industrial aera a couple of blocks from the highway loop that circles Dallas. I began by taping twelve pieces of paper (32" x 26" each) onto the floor of the truck in a three-by-four grid. A web of straps (the same ones used, on the drive town, to lie the sculptures in) were tied parallel and about two feet above the paper. Suspended from these straps by smaller cords were ninety-nine plastic bottles, each filled with varying levels of water and with different grades of pencils attached to their tips, pointed down. These would swing and spin about as the truck moved, drawing on the paper below them."