Later Days ‎– (Do)

Fällt ‎– F.0014
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1 Discuss
2 Deride
3 Explain
4 Obfuscate
5 Agree
6 Deny
7 Query
8 Extoll
9 Persuade
10 Ponder
11 Complain
12 Speculate
13 Decide
14 Console
15 Relent


For me, creativity is a forced process that carries with it the same pleasure that one might experience by, say, dipping one's body into boilingoil, or carving the alphabet into one's own skin.

Not being a habitual masochist, I therefore endure only fleeting and covert encounters with the creative process when on occasion my cruel dominatrix of a muse whips me into a state of bloodied, quivering productivity. Despite my demiurgic difficulties, I do have a somewhat talented aesthetic sense for that which has not necessarily been created, but simply 'is'. In fact, my love of natural forms so often borders on the rapturous idiotic that I find it difficult to hold conversations when standing outdoors, and I must make a strenuous conscious effort not to drive my car off the road because of some interesting mushroom or rock. These conflicting urges have colluded to form the compositional techniques I use today, and 'do' is representative of the techniques I use most often.

I write all of my own audio synthesis software, sometimes on a 'per-composition' basis. My software synthesizer utilizes a variation of the Genetic Algortihm to produce new sounds. Therefore, I am able to 'evolve' new sounds and compositional arrangements rather than 'design' them, and my own contribution as an artist has the aura of Sonic Gardener, rather than DSP Engineer. The homebrew techniques employed on 'do' include evolved timbres for all synthsized sounds, granular synthesis, evolved scores, mutating repetitive sample loops, cellular 'audiomata' (only on 'Relent'), and honkeytonk piano.

In all fairness, these compositions owe as much to randomness and the blind watchmaker as they do to me. Insofar as the sonic genomes continue to sing through my software, I will be their happy conduit, and my muse and I may enjoy a sedate relationship.
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