Laurence Rassel & Terre Thaemlitz ‎– The Laurence Rassel Show

Public Record ‎– 2.01.014, Comatonse Recordings ‎– C.016.CD
2 × CD, Album


1-1 Previously On "The Laurence Rassel Show"... 1:39
1-2 Opening Theme And Introduction 2:46
1-3 A Special Message From Joan Smith 3:28
1-4 Whereas The Party Of The First Part... 17:58
1-5 A Special Message From Peggy Phelan 7:46
1-6 Fetishism As A Means Of Authoring The Invisible 8:23
1-7 A Special Message From Michele Foucault 2:46
1-8 Laurence's Confession 10:57
1-9 A Special Message From Michel De Certeau 1:28
1-10 On Transgendered Authorship 8:22
1-11 A Special Message From Roland Barthes 10:04
2-1 Terre's Confession 5:36
2-2 A Special Message From Virginia Woolf 3:49
2-3 Message From Yoyogi Park 1:59
2-4 Sayonara (Closing Theme) 2:59
2-5 Useless Movement 9:13
2-6 Useless Dub 9:13
2-7 Bonus: Useless Movement (Radio Edit) 4:05
2-8 Little Girls Couldn't Murder Anyone 12:27
2-9 Beginnings 1:00
2-10 Super-Karaoke: Laurence 4:35
2-11 Super-Karaoke: Terre 4:07
2-12 Super-Karaoke: Aiko 3:40
2-13 Bonus: Post-Production Interview With Laurence & Terre 13:21



Originally commissioned by German National Radio for broadcast in 2005, delayed and cancelled in 2006, self-released in 2007 by Comatonse Recording and Constant VZW. Archived for free download (w/o bonus material) as part of Public Record "Articles of Incorporation" sereies

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February 14, 2014
edited over 2 years ago
"On Transgendered Authorship"

First the word transgender never needs the extraneous "ed" at the end of the word. In fact, such a construction is grammatically incorrect. Only verbs can be transformed into participles by adding "-ed" to the end of the word, and transgender is an adjective, not a verb.

Madam Thaemlitz ‎prove here that hir agenda and biases are solely socio-politically motivated. Only Laurence Rassel seem to show a bit of reflection and at the start of the interview she point to Terre's privilege but get not reply about this. Terre is everything but an advocate of trans women individual's agency and show hir self as an invalidating nitwit in this interview. Hir use of the word transsexual without adding 'person' or 'individual' to it also reveal hir dehumanising approach.

Terre viewpoint is that transgender peoples are glad to get access to surgeries or/and or hormonal therapy essentially do so with conservative motives, blaming them for willing to fit in society.

Madam Thaemlitz forget that individuals bodies and aims are personal and private.

Madam Thaemlitz names motivation to seek or having obtaining surgery and/or HRT as "that kind of bullshit" ! Yet he admit wanting these too … What an hypocrite.

Mentioning transgender peoples who aren't depicted by the media, the 'non glamorous' trans peoples we don't often see " for the majority are all totally fucked-up looking " (I ask you then Madam Thaemlitz: What is being fine looking then?). In Thaemlitz's mind, the few trans peoples who get media attention are only these who took the 'easy' road and sold off to cisnormativity, all-right.

Then Thaemlitz distinguish transgender men as somehow more cool than trans women as they would in the social circle and workplace challenge patriarchy more than femme trans would!

He think transgender men visibility is erased not considering that trans men are often more socially privileged than cisgender women. Thaemlitz is a biased sexist and probably a covert misogynist too but of course Madame Thaemlitz never had to work in her gender role of predilection for someone else or within the structure of a private company, in which everyone knows that transgender or not, woman are less paid, less validated and more bullied than most men.

I suggest that Thaemlitz to stay home instead of acting as an advocacy
voice in the name of trans women among dorky arty farty circles.
Listening to hir, I wonder if zee is not a covert-gay male loving misogynist
cross-dresser jealous of all preppie trans femme also looking with disdain the ones he judge to be the "fucked-up looking" just because they would do HRT or go for surgery while he knows hir 'trans' gender identity resume to do nothing less than brilliant soulless fagjazz and talk as a rwadical challenging hegemony mainly within subventioned academic European circles.

If Madam Thaemlitz judge the change of body features as conservative,
her yet not removed bollocks won't even admit that, even for cisgender people, it is still not widely judged acceptable to alter one's own body (though maybe less in the US than so for the rest of the world) and who is zie to judge that an individual who goes through transition via HRT or alter some body feature is doing it as a conservative move? As a way to seek comfort to be blamed by Marxist like hir? Putting biased judgement for a simple basic wish to be socially accepted as one truely is or even have one's own self image mirror with one's own brain sex?

What's you problem with peoples seeking social comfort and acceptance Madame fag jazz socialist?

As if the transgender street life, unlike your ivory tower one, wasn't already uneasy enough, Terre instead of gender identity confirmation choose to blame mainly trans women for seeking social comfort and acceptance as being a conservative choice because apparently it displease hir political agenda as it doesn't challenge what he would probably define as her oppressors. This is -not- transgender nor even feminist advocacy dear Madam Thaemlitz! This is lazy conclusion and lack of in-depth experience with the transsexual condition and everyday realities.

Some peoples get body implants, body mods, many cisgender women get breast augmentation or nose jobs, they aren't transgender so no words about them by pseudo progressive like Terre Thaemlitz because luckily they can do it without being shamed for having sold-out only to gain ease socio-cultural acceptance.
How prejudiced towards trans women Terre Thaemlitz proves to be!

This talented musical moron does not even consider that some transgender people may have totally other reason for pursuing HRT or access to surgery than just to fit in or comply with a 'majority' cisgender binary heteronormative society?
This doesn't even cross hir mind or if it did who is Thaemlitz to judge about what brings well being in an individual?
Of course Thaemlitz is entitled to his opinion and hir stand is not totally wrong but why does the need in most passage of the interview to be so judgemental
while hiding a political agenda more than standing in defence of transgender and/or transsexual peoples?
THAT attitude to me is, using hir own word "totally fucked-up" and "most ugly" looking in my opinion.

On a side note haven't you noticed that it is more often than not such "totally fucked-up looking" pseudo trans like Thaemlitz who are given a voice in these arty-farty and pseudo academic circles?

Thaemlitz also admit being attracted by transformative procedure but reveals that it's beyond hir capacity! What define your capacity? I'm not ableist. I think at the hir age and white pseudo trans social status in a wealthy land hir condition and opportunities to be fine enough … So tell the people frankly is it capacity or choice?
I fells that it's not about capacity but more often taking step to transition comes from genuine and deep personal needs and sometimes a tad more courage than accepting to do talk shows now and then among peoples who would -never ever- challenge you. While you ridicule others, how easy is your game Madame Thaemlitz!
Thaemlitz would rather stay a 'gender-queered' (you fancy the 'ed', don't you?) personae within pseudo progressive academic circles daring being a voice -in the name- of way more ostracised people than hirself; spreading false assumption, biased fake observations, busy at building prejudiced walls in pretence
of having a challenging opinion and a synthesis of understanding.

Thaemlitz seem to do very well at that and has an audience.
Yet I await the time when Thaemlitz would accept to debate with someone not totally agreeing with his stand and so done openly in such public venue or broadcast. It will probably never happen because these aren't the methods
and strategies of your mind wanking clique.
Considering that many trans women beging from the street for HRT or surgery that could question hir stand may not even have the money to even purchase one of his gaybiant records anyway and that many liberals would rather only 'debate' among people who convey their own agenda.

I question: are trans women to be blamed for willing to 'conform' so that Thaemlitz's reductive vision of the reality of oppression validate hir queerness as more 'smart ass' exemplary than the sometimes life threatening strategies taken by some people who make tremendous mental and physical efforts not only to gain social acceptance or 'conservative' comfort but also for deeply personally rooted reason?

In fact, for Madam Thaemlitz, Marxist theory is what trans people need and better want.

Thaemlitz is just being ugly judgemental and maybe a tad jaleous. What a poor incapacitated artist, always welcome in Europe 'au frais de la Princesse' …
In hir mind, Thaemlitz is taking the uneasy path contrary to these conservative reactionary lazy minded transsexual people, right Terre?
Well that's what I understood to be conveyed in hir answers.
Thaemlitz show disdain for some individual choices and that is what is mainly revolting with hir stand, going as far as naming most of the transgender individuals as "totally fucked up" !

Zie of course is perfectly fine, good looking and is in the best position to judge what is best practice, what is conservative, what brings joy and ballance in the life of a transgender person and has accurate criteria on, in hir own words, a "fucked-up looking" (or not) transgender person is!
I wonder if you realise what you've said in -On Transgendered Authorship- Madam Thaemlitz?

(what a bullshit title and concept by the way, nothing is 'transgendered' you idiot, transgender is an adjective, not a verb, how many times should genuine trans people reminds you all people speaking in their names?)

It reminds me how courageous Terre Thaemlitz perceive it to be to pass border customs with a lady underwear containing suitcase! Every trans woman must cringe at that youtube posted interview, that one taking example of your radical courageous stance advocating the content of your suitcase I mean, ridiculous in compare to what face most trans woman passing not a border but their own street everyday and I admit way more fun less ugly than this one here on 'authorship'…

Terre Thaemlitz is a talented electronic composer, I won't deny the fact.

Terre Thaemlitz has also proven with this release (specially with the "On Transgendered Authorship" interview track) to be a privileged hypocrite.
But who am I to say that? If zie pass border with 'femme' attires in hir suitcase fearing being accused of contraband, I confront pat-down procedures from the TSA while I carry my hand-bag.

I won't fit in hir suitcase that's for sure neither would I within hir concept of conformity. So stay safely home I suggest to Lady Thaemlitz and forget about giving judgement about what peoples do with their bodies, whatever their gender, after all bodies are sort of suitcase we carry through life, even in the materialistic world that Thaemlitz so cherish politically .

There was only 3 stand I did agree with in the "On Transgendered Authorship" interview:
- that the used first name is too often validated or invalidated by the social surrounding
- the idea of the binary cisnormative and heteronormative as an oppresive structure
- that one willing to get HRT or surgery(ies) can only get what such individual could financially afford

But the rest, although expressed lightly, only conveyed very insulting rhetoric towards individual possible strategies, strictly personal choice and arbitrary in who is "looking fucked-up" or not.

If Thaemlitz essentially often blame trans women (never trans men, Thaemlitz essentially is a gender-queer Marxist covert-misogynist, remember) for opting for 'transition' (I'd rather say gender identity confirmation) by ways of hormonal therapy and/or surgeries as a solution to reach personal life comfort and in doing so becoming accomplice to oppressive patriarchy, Madam Thaemlitz seem to totally forget what motivated his relocation to a relatively acceptant radioactive Island nation.

Wasn't it to find a bit more comfort after all?



January 25, 2013
edited over 4 years ago
Super-Karaoke by Terre is a phaqueen bomb, I swear!! :D
really, why doesn't he perform professionally?