Le Syndicat Electronique ‎– Philosophie

2 × Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition


A1 Der Komponist
A2 Arbeiten
A3 Echelle
A4 Coexistence
A5 Transmission 001
B1 En Partance
B2 L'Amour d'un Traître
B3 Systematic Tanz
B4 A l'interieur
C1 Simple Equation
C2 Sacrifice
C3 La Frequence Morte
C4 Ewigkeit
D1 Virus
D2 Marche Humaine
D3 Tactique
D4 Exil


Limited to 1000 copies.


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November 20, 2017
edited over 3 years ago

8 copies starting from 170€ when I write this comment. I'm not a seller here, but I don't understand their strategy. If I wanted to make big $$$ on it, I would wait for the listed copies to be bought before listing mine, in order to make believe in the scarceness of the item.
Now you just see a bunch of 8 fucking sharks.


August 13, 2017
Or that feeling when you bought the album back in 2003 for 15€ and was stupid enough to sell it some year later just to realise how much you would miss it in your collection later on when its price went sky rocket :P


March 13, 2017
edited over 4 years ago

Really insane prices here. This album is truly an extraordinary piece of electronic music. Highly representative of the excellent French dark electro/minimal of the early 2000s, that the label Invasion Planète perfectly embodies, but $535 for a copy... seems a little much. I guess that is one of the consequences when known DJs comment and leave a great review on a rare (although 1000 copies isn't that bad) record.


August 21, 2016

Incredible album... a bit misunderstood at the time it came out as it didn't fit neatly into either the Detroit/UR electro camp nor the Deejay Gigolo/electroclash one.
Also some people were distracted by the politics and strong imagery surrounding the releases, actually a lot in common with Les Joyaux De La Princesse in that respect.
Anyway I can recommend this album as the perfect introduction to the "difficult" sound of Le Syndicat Electronique and Invasion Planète Recordings .


December 2, 2012
edited over 8 years ago
I agree wholeheartedly with the two previous reviewers: this album is flawless. It is long too, with many tracks on it, and each side has a unique character to it. Side A contains tracks which are playful - their percussion is (dare I say it about a neo-noir electro/EBM album) fun. ! Side A reminds me of Like A Tim's Zilver. However, the other sides move into more ambiguous territory in terms of mood and tone. Despite the variety of mood and tone across the whole record, it does - as a previous reviewer stated - remain consistent. A l'interieur and Sacrifice are standout tracks which would be amazing heard on the right dancefloor in the right club. Side D is the darkest.


October 19, 2005
edited over 15 years ago

This album is nothing short of a masterpiece. Le Syndicat Electronique has put out many fine releases, but the production here is his richest and deepest. Tracks like "Ewigkeit" and "Transmission 001" are some of the finest neo-noir electro tracks out there, and no fan of hard electro and EBM should be without "Sacrifice". This sonic vision contained in this album is unerringly consistent - cold, paranoid, but also triumphant, heroic. The raw, analog sounds perfectly reinforce this vision.
It also was the last *pure* electro-oriented record released on IP. After this point, the label shifted gears towards a more Neue Deutsche Welle/Minimal Synth direction.


October 1, 2003

I can't believe no one else has posted any reviews of this album yet, or posted even a comment or impression. Fine. I'll be the first one. My feeling is this: While there are a ton of Le Syndicat Electronique albums available on Invasion Planète, this is the best so far. By a long shot. I'll admit that I really like Le Syndicat Electronique's records in general, so I am naturally biased. However; this is, in my opinion, the best so far--by a long shot. It is also one of the best E.B.M. albums of all time. I think that history will place this double LP alongside D.A.F.'s 'Alles ist Gut,' Nitzer Ebb's 'That Total Age,' Skinny Puppy's 'Bites,' Wumpscut's 'Bunkertor 7,' and The Klinik's 'Face to Face.' Just my opinion.