Legendary Pink Dots* ‎– The Legendary Pink Dots' Christmas Album (2013)

2 × File, FLAC, Album


1 Pink 4:45
2 Not Purple 18:52


  • Photography ByAlena*


It's been a long day.
Although you've been on your feet for HOURS, no-one offers you a seat-apart from the one Baby Wayne vomited on. Nope, they steer clear of that one but frequently address you with comments about the bad smell.
It's almost as bad as that penetrating odour in the kitchen. Burned Turkey.
Love the smell of napalm in the morning, do you? How about all night long, Bruce Forsyth tap dancing to the soundtrack of autotuned Aretha Franklin wannabes. Nephew John and nephew Jake locked in a zap war with the remote control. Simon Cowell. The twat gave you a 4 for effort.
And Grandpa said nothing since you passed him the peanuts at 4pm…and his colour reminds you that you forgot to throw that Stilton out from 2010.
A long long day.
It's time to CLEAR THE ROOM.

Well friends, The Legendary Pink Dots understand and offer you this perfect room-clearer which clocks in at 25 minutes but we're pretty sure they won't make it past 10…Merry Christmas everybody, everywhere……

Released 24 December 2013.
This is available for the 12 days of Christmas 2013 only.