Len Gillard ‎– Southern African Bird Calls: Part 2

L.G. ‎– GBC


A405 Fierynecked Nightjar
A406 Rufouscheeked Nightjar
A407 Natal Nightjar
A408 Freckled Nightjar
A409 Mozambique Nightjar
A410 Pennantwinged Nightjar
A416 Horus Swift
A417 Little Swift
A418 Alpine Swift
A421 Palm Swift
A424 Speckled Mousebird
A425 Whitebacked Mousebird
A426 Redfaced Mousebird
A427 Narina Tragon
A428 Pied Kingfisher
A429 Giant Kingfisher
A430 Halfcollared Kingfisher
A431 Malachite Kingfisher
A432 Pygmy Kingfisher
A433 Woodland Kingfisher
A434 Mangrove Kingfisher
A435 Brownhooded Kingfisher
A436 Greyhooded Kingfisher
A437 Striped Kingfisher
A438 Eurpean Bee-Eater
A440 Bluecheeked Bee-Eater
A441 Carmine Bee-Eater
A443 Whitefronted Bee-Eater
A444 Little Bee-Eater
A445 Swallowtailed Bee-Eater
A446 European Roller
A447 Lilacbreasted Roller
A449 Purple Roller
A450 Broadbilled Roller
A451 Hoopoe
A452 Redbilled Woodhoopoe
A454 Scimitarbilled Woodhoope
A455 Trumpeter Hornbill
A456 Silverycheeked Hornbill
A457 Grey Hornbill
A458 Redbilled Hornbill
A459 Yellowbilled Hornbill
A460 Crowned Hornbill
A461 Bradfield's Hornbill
A462 Monteiro's Hornbill
A463 Ground Hornbill
A464 Blackcollared Barbet
A465 Pied Barbet
A466 White-Eared Barbet
A468 Woodward's Barbet
A469 Redfronted Tinker Barbet
A470 Yellowfronted Tinker Barbet
A471 Goldenrumped Tinker Barbet
A473 Crested Barbet
A474 Greater Honeyguide
A475 Scalythroated Honeyguide
A476 Lesser Honeyguide
A478 Sharpbilled Honeyguide
A480 Ground Woodpecker
A481 Bennett's Woodpecker
A483 Goldentailed Woodpecker
A484 Knysna Woodpecker
A486 Cardinal Woodpecker
A487 Bearded Woodpecker
A488 Olive Woodpecker
A489 Redthroated Wryneck
A490 African Broadbill
A492 Melodious Lark
A493 Montonous Lark
A494 Rufousnaped Lark
A495 Clapper Lark
A496 Flappet Lark
A497 Fawncoloured Lark
A498 Sabota Lark
A499 Rudd's Lark
A500 Longbilled Lark
A501 Shortclawed Lark
A502 Karoo Lark
A506 Spikeheeled Lark
A507 Redcapped Lark
A509 Botha's Lark
A512 Thickbilled Lark
A514 Gray's Lark
A516 Graybacked Finchlark
A518 European Swallow
A520 Whitethroated Swallow
A523 Pearlbreasted Swallow
A524 Redbreasted Swallow
A525 Mosque Swallow
A526 Greater Striped Swallow
A527 Lesser Striped Swallow
A528 South African Cliff Swallow
A529 Rock Martin
B533 Brownthroated Martin
B534 Banded Martin
B536 Black Sawwing Swallow
B538 Black Cuckooshrike
B540 Grey Cuckooshrike
B541 Forktailed Drongo
B542 Squaretailed Drongo
B543 European Golden Oriole
B544 African Golden Oriole
B545 Blackheaded Oriole
B547 Black Crow
B548 Pied Crow
B550 Whitenecke Raven
B551 Southern Grey Tit
B552 Ashy Tit
B554 Southern Black Tit
B557 Cape Penduline Tit
B558 Grey Penduline Tit
B560 Arrowmarked Babbler
B562 Whiterumped Babbler
B563 Pied Babbler
B565 Bush Blackcap
B566 Cape Bulbul
B567 Redeyed Bulbul
B568 Blackeyed Bulbul
B569 Terrestrial Bulbul
B570 Yellowstreaked Bulbul
B572 Sombre Bulbul
B573 Stripecheeked Bulbul
B574 Yellowbellied Bulbul
B576 Kurrichane Thrush
B577 Olive Thrush
B578 Spotted Thrush
B579 Orange Thrush
B580 Groundscraper Thrush
B581 Cape Rock Thrush
B582 Sentinel Rock Thrush
B586 Mountian Chat
B587 Capped Wheatear
B588 Buffstreaked Chat
B589 Familiar Chat
B593 Mocking Chat
B594 Arnot's Chat
B595 Anteating Chat
B596 Stonechat
B598 Chorister Robin
B599 Heuglin's Robin
B600 Natal Robin
B601 Cape Robin
B602 Whitethroated Robin
B605 Whitebreasted Alethe
B606 Starred Robin
B607 Swynnerton's Robin
B609 Thrush Nightingale
B610 Boulder Chat
B612 Orangebreasted Rockjumper
B613 Whitebrowed Robin
B614 Karoo Robin
B615 Kalahari Robin
B616 Brown Robin
B617 Bearded Robin
B619 Garden Warbler
B620 Whitethroat
B621 Titbabbler
B622 Layard's Titbabbler
B625 Icterine Warbler
B626 Olivetree Warbler
B627 River Warbler
B628 Great Reed Warbler
B631 African Marsh Warbler
B633 European Marsh Warbler
B634 European Sedge Warbler
B635 Cape Reed Warbler
B637 Yellow Warbler
B638 African Sedge Warbler
B639 Barratt's Warbler
B641 Victorian's Warbler
B642 Broadtailed Warbler
B643 Willow Warbler
B644 Yellowthroated Warbler
B645 Barthroated Apalis
B648 Yellowbreasted Apalis
B649 Rudd's Apalis
B651 Longbilled Crombec
B653 Yellowbellied Eremomeia
B655 Greencapped Eremomeia
B656 Burntnecked Eremomeia
B657 Bleating Warbler
B658 Barred Warbler
B659 Sterling's Barred Warbler
B661 Grassbird


Includes j-card with numbers and English bird names (as in track list), Afrikaan bird names, and scientific bird names.

1. Bird No. Bird Numbers approved by the Southern African Ornithological Society and used in Roberts' Birds Of South Africa (5th Edition)
2. Names. English, Afrikaans and scientific names are those approved by the Southern African Ornithological Society And used in Roberts' Birds Of Southern Africa (5th Edition).
3. All the calls presented are Len Gillard's personal recordings except for a few of which I hold copyright. The contributors of these few calls are appreciatively acknowledged by initials after the English names of the relevant birds. (FVN) Forsyth Van Nierop; (FDL) Francoise Dowsett-Lemaire; (WT) Warwick Tarboton; (CJH) Clive Hopcroft; (PF) Peter Frost; (CV) Carl Vernon; (JD) John Dunning.