Lenny Kravitz ‎– Lenny (Interview Disc)

Virgin ‎– 7087 6 16470 2 0, Virgin ‎– DPRO-16470
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1 What Was The Genesis Of Your New Album?
2 Your Greatest Hits Album Contained The New Song And Smash Hit "Again." Was That Recorded Around The Same Time?
3 Where Did You Write This New Material?
4 Did You Write The Whole Album Before You Began Recording?
5 Did You Feel Under Any Pressure To Repeat The Huge Success You Had With "5" And Your "Greatest Hits" Album?
6 How Did Your New Studio Affect The Recording Of The Album?
7 What Was The Concept Behind The Creation Of Your New Studio?
8 Did The Design Of The Studio Change The Way You Approached Making Music?
9 You've Always Done All Your Own Producing And Performing. Did That Hold True This Time?
10 Do You Prefer The Solo Approach?
11 Is There A Danger Of Losing Your Objectivity When You Don't Have Other Band Members To Work With?
12 How Did You Come To Be Such An Accomplished Multi-Instrumentalist?
13 How Does This Album Differ From Its Predecessors?
14 Does Each Album Represent A Different Period In Your Professional And Personal Life?
15 How Does This Record Differ Musically From What's Come Before?
16 Is There A Sonic Core That Ties These Songs Together?
17 How Did You Achieve That Effect?
18 Is It Difficult To Record That Way Entirely On Your Own?
19 How Do You Keep On Top Of All The Different Musical Elements?
20 Does That Approach Hold True Of The Mixing Process As Well?
21 How Do You Know When A Song Is Finished?
22 Do You Take The Same Multi-Level Approach To Your Vocals?
23 Do You Think People Appreciate The Work That Goes Into Creating Your Music?
24 Do You Know When You've Written A Hit Song?
25 What Makes A Song Like "Fly Away" Or "Again" A Hit?
26 Could You Comment On The Opening Track Of Your New Album, "Battlefield Of Love?"
27 What Was The Impetus For Writing "If I Could Fall In Love?"
28 What Is The Message Of The Song "Stillness Of Heart?"
29 How Did "Yesterday Is Gone" Come About?
30 Does "Dig In" Have A Personal Meaning For You?
31 Could You Talk About The Creation Of "Believe In Me?"
32 Do Any Of The Songs On Your New Album Have A Thematic Unity?
33 What's The Sentiment Behind "Million Miles Away?"
34 Who Are You Addressing In "God Save Us All?"
35 What Is The Point Of View In "You're In My Heart?"
36 How Did The Song "Bank Robber Man" Come About?
37 Could You Talk About The Album's Closer, "Let's Get High?"

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