Leonel Kaplan ‎– Trumpet

Another Timbre ‎– 02/01/13#M
File, MP3, 320 kbps


1 Trumpet 19:00



Recorded at Blurred Edges Festival in Hamburg on May 5th, 2012.

Music part of the first batch of Anonymous Zone project, revealed on Jan 2nd, 2013.


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January 9, 2013
The musicians behind the first batch of Anonymous Zone pieces

Blind reviewed by Brian Olewnick. Wednesday, July 04, 2012

#M) Lastly, some intense reed and/or brass work embedded in situ (sounds like one or the other at various times, though more like brass int he second half). Again thinking of Lucio. A raw metal tube with valves, scoured with air and spittle. Dogs responding. Why is there, to me, something about an acoustic performance like this, just as noisy and abstract as any other, that has some inherent edge, something extra, that makes me far more apt to be absorbed that a "similar" work using electronics, which might have to strive a bit harder to gain my full appreciation? Dunno, but I find it's often the case. I could listen to this quite happily for a long time, again could also imagine myself sitting int he room, appreciating the interaction with that space and beyond, getting up and walking around, standing outside, listening to it being muffled by walls, etc. Love the breath intakes while circular breathing. You feel virtually inside the horn much of the time. Ambulance on the way at the end. :-) Great stuff, love it.