Les 7 Mondes vs. Romuald Wadych ‎– The Baking Tray Sessions 1

Estrunax ‎– esx 001


1 Down The Jungle's Well 14:18
2 Further On 9:30
3 [x/toz.p] 34MHz Sonar 17:31
4 Scream 0:26
5 Flying Baking Tray On Sarah's Land 8:57
6 Neurones Pop Up 7:52
7 Tetrapod King Cluster 11:41

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December 11, 2002
Second free improv serie starting with The Baking Tray sessions 1, this one is more mature too. The line up changed a bit with still Romuald Wadych at the Baking Tray, Maxx Bénézeth at the guitar and electronic guitars (i.e the guitar generates the sounds of all the synthesizers) with Sim Linsolas still feeding back these, but on this session, he also focus on playing the percussions, leaving the electronics go for crazy dialogue with the guitarist. Marcelo Fernandez doesn't play percussions anymore, but does a couple of appearences playing guitar-noises thru analogue filters.
This records explores dark lands, with a strong emphasis on the guitar controlling the electonics.
The titles refer well to the mood of the music ( Landing on a devastated world, Flying baking Tray over cyber ghost town...) and the artwork gives an adequate visual reflection to the music.


December 11, 2002
A strange mixture of percussions, electronics and a baking tray(?). This CD is purely made of free improvisation, althought when the track "Tetrapoking Cluster" rings, it seems that the guys know exactly where they are going.
Very deep trips, followed by another session, which is following the path to the very weird land of the Tetrapod King....