Less Than Jake ‎– Bootleg A Bootleg, You Cut Out The Middleman | Live In Las Vegas

CD, Album


1 Automatic 2:47
2 Time And 1/2 On 2nd Ave And 6th Street / Econolodged 5:16
3 Happyman / 9th At Pine 3:55
4 Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts 3:00
5 Lockdown 2:46
6 Laverne And Shirley 0:53
7 Shindo 2:15
8 Liquor Store 2:46
9 Jen 2:52
10 Big 2:43
11 Sugar In Your Gas Tank 2:06
12 Rock-N-Roll Pizzeria 2:15
13 We're Not Gonna Take It 2:30


Recorded at The Join in Las Vegas on a hot, dry day years ago on the Caffeine Nation tour with Handsome, Guttermouth, and Descendents (whom, by the way, are not only a huge influence on us, but are great people too). Why a live record? Why this live record? What's the name all about? Read on. This is not the "live" record we would've done if it was up to us. But honestly, it wasn't so. Here's the low-down. We played the show and later that night found out it was recorded for a radio show. We said, "Huh". Six months later we saw the recorded show for sale on cd. Apparently someone had stolen the tapes, mixed it without us (listen to that crowd noise), then bootlegged it and was selling it for 25 bucks! So we did the only right thing there is to do: we ordered one, got it, and immediately sent it out to get pressed - thereby bootlegging his bootleg. The funny thing is, the first copy of this cd we get back is being sent to the guy who screwed us in the first place, who is probably reading this at the same time a lot of you will.