Harper* / Russe* / St. George* ‎– Electrosonic



Quest 1:40
Quest-fast 1:05
Computermatic 1:10
Frontier Of Knowledge 2:02
The Pattern Emerges 2:50
Freeze Frame 1:32
Plodding Power 1:46
Busy Microbes 1:35
Liquid Energy 1:50
Liquid Energy 0:55
No Man's Land 1:46
Depression 1:24
Nightwalker 1:55
Electrostings 0:16
Electrobuild 0:17
Celestial Cantabile 3:26
Effervescence 1:57
The Wizard's Laboratory 2:03
Shock Chords 0:35


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September 4, 2015
referencing Electrosonic, LP, Ltd, Gre, Glo-Spot 1104
Boomkat.com says
We've found a handful of copies of this incredible LP - act fast!!! Finding out there's a full album of previously unreleased material from Delia and her Radiophonic associates would rank as a year-high for mostly anyone working in any respectable record shop anywhere in the world. The first thing that hit me though was that it must be a bit average, you know, surely it would have been found and re-released, people would be talking about it right? But no, this album has literally come out of nowhere and truly is as top quality as you could possibly imagine, pipping most other collections I've heard from the radiophonic stable and becoming very quickly one of the diamonds of the lady's incredible catalogue. Firstly I must tell you, my affliction comes from Doctor Who, so I'm a sucker for even the later period Derbyshire stuff, such as this - okay it might be more synth-led but it's no less crushing and it's got that rich metallic sci fi glow it's almost impossible not to fall for. She might be best known for her work with the workshop, but while she wasn't working on BBC series Derbyshire was moonlighting to raise extra cash and here, assisted by Brian Hodgson and Australian mood musiccomposer Don Harper, she put together a library record for the esteemed KPM label. Recorded under pseudonyms and filed away this material has rested untouched in some archive gathering dust for years, so we can only thank the label (run by a close personal friend of the late Derbyshire) for digging this out and treating it with so much love - the packaging is absolutely fabulous, paying close attention to the library music roots but also staying markedly contemporary in look and feel, and then there's the vinyl itself - fancy heavy duty audiophile wax and it's GREEN. don't worry vinyl fetishists, trust me it sounds absolutely grand and I'm a stickler for these things. So what's the music like? Well surprisingly this doesn't go the route of small skits and re-used themes as much as most library records do, rather this goes from the more upbeat cuts to epic, long-format swirling numbers you would associate with Doctor Who or other BBC sci fi shows of the era. I've played this continuously since copies arrived on Monday and I have to say it is easily one of the most essential releases of the year, really illustrating everything that I love about British early electronic blippery. I can't think of a better Christmas present actually, and you should know that (of course) this is crazily limited to only 500 copies worldwide. We have a measly 100 copies only here and we're not getting any more so be quick, this is bound to be very sought after indeed and truly is quite impossibly wonderful. Essential Purchase.