Liquidised / Jailson / Ingrown ‎– 3-Ways Of The Repulsive Reek Of The Forgotten Autopsy

Dente Pôdi Records ‎– DPR#0027
CDr, Limited Edition, Numbered


1 Liquidised 30 Seconds Of Suffering Is Similar To An Eternal Life
2 Liquidised Ampulas
3 Liquidised Big Ass Repugnant Herpes
4 Liquidised Bitter Scents
5 Liquidised Fucked By A Mollusk
6 Liquidised Eat Smegama
7 Liquidised Feces
8 Liquidised Masturbation Torso In Putrefaction Condition
9 Liquidised Progeria
10 Liquidised Pustulosis Anorectal
11 Liquidised Liquidised
12 Liquidised Green Skin
13 Liquidised Fecal Holocaust Total Devastation
14 Liquidised Calymatobacterium Granulomatosis
15 Liquidised Chronic Infection
16 Liquidised Bleeds Infected Transfusion
17 Liquidised Chancrotic Body
18 Liquidised Vaginitus
19 Liquidised Sarna
20 Liquidised Pregnant Of An Unsightly
21 Liquidised Quarantine
22 Liquidised Reflux
23 Jailson Mataram Jailson Mendes
24 Jailson Cu do ursinho
25 Ingrown Entrails Strew of Flesh Ingrown
26 Ingrown Game7 Final Masturbation.
27 Ingrown Moshpit Blasting Deep Throat Cumshot
28 Ingrown Remnants Of Septic Gonorrhea
29 Ingrown Robocock The Man Of Stool
30 Ingrown Sadistic Double Anal Fuck Penetration


Limited in 50 copies