Little Fyodor ‎– Idiots Are Closer To God

Cassette, Album


A1 You Give Me Hard-On
A2 I Thought People Liked Fools
A3 Everybody's Fucking
A4 I Don't Know What To Do
A5 I Believe In God
A6 Everybody's Fucking
A7 This Diamond Ring
A8 A Reaction To The Election
A9 Everybody's Fucking
B1 Sister Schizo
B2 Sister Deborah
B3 Muddafukka
B4 Coffee Dump
B5 I Can Do What I Want
B6 The Age Of Resignation
B7 Happy People
B8 Opinions


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July 1, 2012
In his letter to me, he said “Give it a chance if it seems normal at first” - normal! - like seeing people in THE RESIDENTS' ‘eye’ disguise every day might be normal. This guy likes to fool you into thinking he’s a mere dabbler in music, putting you off your guard, then kicking in with something so brilliant you have to take your 'reviewer’s hat’ off to him. His lyrics are not dissimilar to those which THE RAMONES used, and his music varies between..well, read on and see for yourself!
Side one opens with “You Give Me Hard-On” a sort of cross between THE CRAMPS & THE RESIDENTS with ‘geek’ vocals. “I Thought People Liked Fools” is an upbeat thing with a slightly off-centre sound. “Everybody’s Fucking” is a short poem set to guitar. “I Don’t Know What To Do” is a kindergarten mocking sing song set to a medium-slow rhythm of guitar and crisp drums with a strong spine of bass. It splinters into a cunningly controlled chaos at times, fooling you into thinking they’re losing control. “I Believe In God” is a jolly little attack on pious people set to simple drum/bass pattern. “Everybody’s Fucking” is a fully-fleshed-out Rhythm & Blues number with LITTLE FYODOR’s strange little poem set to it - if you had any doubt as to his ability as a musician, this kicks it to oblivion. “This Diamond Ring” is another quirky little thing flung in his ‘moron' mode of thinking. “A Reaction To The Election” repeats the phrase “I cant believe how stupid people are” over and over to a deceptively simplistic rhythmic piece which has an almost hypnotic effect on the listener. "Everybody’s Fucking”, last track on the album gives us a third version of his simple poem, ending with a simple “That’s ridiculous!”

Side two opens with "Sister Schizo”, a slow track with elements of grunge and circus music set to a MAD theme - a real seat of your pants trip inside LITTLE FYODOR’s world image. I can see why some compare him to IGGY POP and I could even add MAX GOLDT at his more extreme or SWELL MAPS high on sherbet dabs. “Sister Deborah” is a loose accordian / harmonica sound over which a woman equally as strange as LF sings words spat straight from the unconscious. “Muddafukka” is just a high speed chant lasting a handful of seconds. “Coffee Dump” is a dense piece of music which has great depth, reaching out to infinity. It’s based on a medium-paced rhythm / beat. “I Can Do What I Want” is a vocal playground taunt. ‘The Age Of Resignation” is another of his oddball tunes with more strange lyrics about giving up skiing and watching TV, among other things. “Happy People” is a blade-edged Rock-type-thing with more IGGY-like vocals which again proves that his more simplistic numbers are due to his eccentricity, rather than any lack of talent, 'cos this thing kicks! In ways it reminds me a little of CHROME’s earlier albums. “Opinions” finishes the album off on a snearing vocal track.

Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.