Lochi vs. Immersion* ‎– Confused / Serious Tangent

Smitten ‎– SMT 01
Vinyl, 12"



Vinyl etching on the A side reads "TAKE MORE ACID + LEAP ABOUT LOADS!" AA side reads "ATTENTION! CLASS A'S ON LANDING."

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November 24, 2014
edited over 2 years ago

In retrospect, this is one of the tamer Smitten records, but it of course started the ball rolling and features a totally respectable pair of acid tunes.

"Confused" strikes me as riding the line between acid techno and acid trance, and has a sort of gritty energy despite its smooth sound. The relatively straightforward acid work is supplemented by numerous synths, and there are several percussion shifts along the way. The track never quite gets super-insane, but is certainly rocking. I'll say 4/5.

"Serious Tangent" is an odd one for me. I like a lot of the acid work, which includes enjoyable flares and stabs. And the tune has some pace and energy, which I also like a great deal. But there is a mellow, almost "jazzy" synth that pervades much of the track and ultimately drags it down (just my opinion, of course). There's also an odd, repetitive vocal that, at least for me, doesn't add much if anything to the track. Still, the piece is listenable, if a bit of a novelty, and again, the acid work is old-school and delightful. But that jazzy synth casts a long shadow over the track for me. As such, 3/5.