Loppy Octopus ‎– Between Genius and Insanity

T-Bones Records ‎– LOAF 005


01 Black Beanhole
02 Red Lightning
03 The Caretaker
04 Nigerelli & Nigerino
05 Caish
06 Ornette Crumpler
07 The Donkey
08 Gravity
09 Mr. Binkle
10 Salud! To Your Health Senor!
11 Why Would You Want A Record Deal...
12 Chip And Tim's Documentary Idea
13 Travels With Berlitz
14 Holiday In New York (Black Is Illegal)
15 Juevos Marineros
16 Bonus Track
17 Bonus Track
18 Bonus Track
19 Bonus Track
20 Bonus Track
21 Bonus Track
22 Bonus Track
23 Bonus Track
24 Bonus Track


Jay Muller - Moog Synth, Theramin, Audio Gen
Ben Maddox - Wurlitzer and cheap synth
Mobutu - Guitar and old voice
Brad Newton - Drums in "Holiday in New York"
Mike Abernathy - bass
Crumpy Del Rio - Tenor Sax and sandwich
Jeff Peacock - Alto sax, bread and water
Liz - wizz & phizz
Kramer - inspiration (original wizz)
Bill Bryson - Rhodes keyboard, slight neurosis
Lhay Browning - voice on "God is Dead"
Bobby P - heavy metal voice
Jason Wubbwubb - "Frohdawg" voice
Gedig Burke - toothless bowling alley guy voice
Afroman - opinions not necessarily representative of those of T-Bones Records
Testosticlese - infesticles, voices, bass on "God is Dead"

All scratches by Butterfingers, Clusterfuk, Mobutu, DJ 1/2 Tone, DJ Greasy, and DJ Side Affex