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Tracks 3-6 taken from Loren Mazzacane - Fallen Son LP
Tracks 7-10 taken from Loren Mazzacane - Midnight LP



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June 9, 2013
edited over 5 years ago

Fantastic $5 find of a record I never even came across in the early 90's. Apparently salvaged from the personal collection of "John" who long ran the now-defunct Record Exchange in Denver, CO. My Dad would take me there as a kid. While the inventory never seemed to change much, always something to be found. And better yet, John, like Loren, always had a story to tell.

While this may be my new favorite, Loren has had an amazing creative streak that could be argued to have yet to end. The two properly titled tracks here feature Loren's wife Suzanne Langille on vocals, with the first of the two notably reworked for 2012 Haunted House LP on Nothern Spy. This is to my knowledge also the only St. Joan CD release and ended up being the label's final release. I suspect Byron Coley's championing of Loren's work had something to do with that as the 90's would see at least of half-dozen of labels step up offering to provide a release (with Road Cone possibly the most prolific).

I would love to see a 2LP of the two LPs that make up much of this CD. I'm not sure if this was intended as a compilation of sorts, with exception of the album's abrupt end, the album runs perfectly as one.

Tracks 3-6 taken from Loren Mazzacane - Fallen Son LP (St. J. 15)
Tracks 7-10 taken from Loren Mazzacane - Midnight LP (St. J. 16)

And while I have played this already dozens of times, Byron himself may say it best from his review in the final issue of Forced Exposure, re-tryped here exclusively:

"... it is unusual for Loren's music to remind of any other musician's output, but I've recently been listening to some early Can demos, and there's a certain type of quavery sustain to some of the pieces here that are quire reminiscent of Michael Karoli's playing ca. 1968. A bit of this CD was lifted off of 199's beautiful Fallen Son LP, but there is no lack of coherence and the feather of ethereal guitar noise that waft around this virtually-all-instrumental project take jabs at my forelobe the way nothing else could. It is all but impossible to adequately describe Loren's sound since his guitar playing has evolved along its own path for many years. All I can say is that it's as heavy as it is light, as passionate as it is confused, and as mind-pinching as all get out. this is surely one of his best releases, I commend to anyone who likes the feel of warm smoke wrapping itself around his/her head."