Lost In Translation / Substance P ‎– Premium Crack

History Of The Future ‎– HOT 001
Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM


Black center label with no text.



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June 5, 2015

[original review printed in Massive Magazine issue 21]
First release from Minneapolis based History Of The Future. Lost In Translation handles the a-side with four tracks of high speed, breakbeat mayhem. Y’know that bit at the end of Jaws where the shark dives after they’ve speared it, and it tears all the skin off Quint’s hands… beats are sliding through your fingers like that… your only refuge is the odd burst of noise or satanic, dark sounds that erupt into the mix… fan-fucking-tastic! “What We Want” is a stand out that makes Aphex Twin’s Come To Daddy sound like a lullaby in comparison.

My only previous exposure to Jace’s work was a pair of noise 7″ singles, so a full 12″ side of noise drenched break-neck-core is welcome as hell…. and the other side is just as welcome. Substance P delivers with a weird noise/sample concoction wedged between a pair of thoroughly evil beat intensive numbers. The first one features an extended intro sampled from A Clockwork Orange making it easy to slip into a mix, although getting out of it could prove to be trickier as it turns into a diced up dish of fragmented rhythms, while the latter keeps the beats somewhat more manageable and livens things up with a sample from The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.